The Pixel 8 Pro lands in India, and there's a big problem

Hands-on with the Google Pixel 8 Pro
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What you need to know

  • Google launched its latest devices in India, and they attract a hefty premium.
  • The Pixel 8 is available for ₹75,999 ($912) in the country, while the Pixel 8 Pro starts off at ₹1,06,999 ($1,285).
  • Google also introduced the Pixel Watch 2 at ₹39,999 ($480), but there's no LTE model.

Google unveiled its latest products at the Made by Google 2023 event, with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro offering heady upgrades across the board and a slate of AI-assisted features. A big talking point is that both phones will get seven years of guaranteed Android updates, more than any other phone in the market today.

While there is a lot to like on both phones — be sure to go through our Pixel 8 hands-on to see what's coming this year — Google also increased the prices. While both devices cost $100 more in the U.S., there's a rather drastic increase in India, where the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are seeing a huge price hike that makes them less desirable.

The Pixel 8 is available in an 8GB/128GB configuration, and it is set to retail at ₹75,999 ($912), a full ₹16,000 ($192) more than its predecessor. In fact, the Pixel 7 is now selling for just ₹41,999 ($504), making it a downright bargain. Although Google is offering faster hardware, a 120Hz panel, and new cameras at the back, the Pixel 8 feels needlessly costly.

Then there's the Pixel 8 Pro, which is listed at ₹1,06,999 ($1,285) for the 12GB/128GB version, which is ₹22,000 ($264) more than what the Pixel 7 Pro launched at last year. I just don't see Google's reasoning for the price hike, and while the Pixel 8 Pro has noticeable upgrades — particularly with the cameras — there's a dissonance between what it costs in the U.S., other global markets, and India.

To its credit, Google is launching the Pixel Watch 2 in India, but there's only a Bluetooth-enabled version for ₹39,999 ($480), with no mention of whether an LTE model will make its debut. Google says that all three products are available for pre-order with sales starting October 12, but the store links show as unavailable. 

While it can be argued that Google is importing all phones sold in India — incurring import duties — that's true for the previous generation as well, so it doesn't account for why the Pixel 8 series suddenly costs so much more. So if you're looking for a new phone and had your eye on the Pixel 8 series, get ready to pay a hefty premium in India.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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