Samsung joins Google in pressuring Apple to adopt the RCS standard

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What you need to know

  • Samsung uploaded a new video as it joins Google's #GetTheMessage campaign in the hopes of pushing Apple to adopt the RCS standard.
  • The video's main purpose is about why can't both bubbles come together with questions as to why they must be kept apart.
  • This video comes a couple of weeks after Google called the iPhone "outdated" for its continuous usage of SMS/MMS.

In the fight for unity in our texts, Samsung has tossed itself into the #GetTheMessage campaign.

Samsung uploaded a 20-second video about the divide between green and blue bubbles when texting its mobile device competitor. The video displays a green-colored bubble, indicative of how texting with an Android user looks like for iPhone owners. The main premise of the video is why can't both sides come together as one, to which a response was, "I tried but they want to keep us apart."

That response can be seen as a reference to the negative stance Apple's Tim Cook has taken when it comes to RCS messaging. Long story short, to him, if Android users would like to avoid the color disparity, then they should just buy an iPhone.

Nearly a month ago, Google tossed another video into its #GetTheMessage campaign to usher Apple into a better world of texting with everyone else. The video involved Google's fake "iPager" device, as the company called the iPhone's continued usage of SMS/MMS "outdated."

Adopting RCS onto the iPhone would solve broken group chats and pixelated pictures and videos. Users' texts would be securely protected with E2EE (end-to-end encryption) while also welcoming typing indicators, read receipts, and the ability to text over Wi-Fi.

Google has been running the #GetTheMessage campaign for over a year now — to no avail, unfortunately. Those looking to get in on the campaign and help show Apple that RCS isn't something to fear can do so via its official page.

However, not all is lost. The EU recently named six of the largest tech companies as "gatekeepers" within the purview of its Digital Markets Act. The idea is to encourage healthy competition between the different services the gatekeepers may have under their belts. While Apple's iMessage wasn't initially listed, an investigation into the service may result in the company having to adopt RCS by August 2024.

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