Check out this Galaxy Z Flip 5 teardown to see what makes the foldable tick

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 tented
(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • In a teardown video, it was discovered that Samsung included blue battery pull tabs on both the Flip 5's batteries.
  • Removal of a device's batteries aids its end-of-life cycle as the phone could be recycled much easier since they aren't permanently glued into its frame.
  • A clear view of the Flip 5's hinge showed its changes alongside Samsung's decision to pack gears into it.

After surviving the fabled durability gauntlet, Samsung's latest clamshell has returned for a teardown.

Zach Nelson of JerryRigEverything is tearing apart the Galaxy Z Flip 5 to unearth its innards and to see if Samsung had its end-of-life cycle in mind. Nelson begins by removing the Flip's bumpers before slowly peeling away the incredibly sticky built-in screen protector. The Flip 5's true screen is still crafted from plastic, however, without the extra layer of protection, it scratches easily with just a fingernail.

After removing the Flip 5's lower rear panel, Nelson discovered that Samsung had indeed provided blue battery pull tabs on its dual battery setup. Muscling through a lot of glue beneath the 2,700mAh and 1,000mAh batteries, Nelson lifted them out easily. Though there are various connection ribbons and plates to unscrew, the tabs show the company has thought about repairability and the end-of-life experience for the Flip 5.

Beneath the larger battery is the Flip 5's waterproofing mesh, which covers the speaker opening, giving the device its IPX8 water resistance rating. Additionally, a little wiggle of the main 12MP camera shows its OIS (optical image stabilization) beside the ultra-wide angle 12MP lens.

The teardown also reveals some changes with the new hinge mechanism, which is packed with gears toward the sides — an addition that could aid in its longevity and various "flex" positions. Nelson further notes that the gears were not present on the Flip 4.

You can watch Zach Nelson's full teardown of the Flip 5 below, including how the display faired and how everything was able to come back together again.

Recycling portable batteries has been a topic of discussion in Europe, aside from the region mandating that all OEMs must include user-replaceable batteries by 2027. The region hopes that by 2027, the collection of lithium battery waste will reach a target of 50%, with that number rising to 80% by 2031.

As Nelson noted in his teardown, offering pull tabs makes it easier to recycle the device since they're not "permanently glued together."

The Flip 5 recently underwent the fabled durability test, and it faired surprisingly well. When subjected to the "bend test," the Flip 5 passed as its sturdiness was evident due to support preventing it from flexing in the wrong direction too far — a crucial test its competitor had previously failed.

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