OnePlus One

If you want out to try out stock Android on your OnePlus One, you can now do so. OnePlus has released the first stock ROM for the device, which is based on the latest 4.4.4 KitKat build.

The stock ROM is being offered as an alternative to CyanogenMod 11S, which is what the device features by default. The option of flashing vanilla Android makes the OnePlus One that much more alluring. Don't have an invite yet? OnePlus recently gave away 5,000 invites via the "Blizzard of Invites" contest, and has mentioned that more invites will be forthcoming in the near future.

Instructions and download links are available from the source link below, and before you go ahead and proceed to flash the stock ROM, be advised that it may disable the gyroscope on a few devices. Encryption features and VPN are also unsupported for now.

Source: OnePlus

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