OnePlus One

The folks behind the OnePlus One will be temporarily accepting traditional pre-orders for a limited window in late October. If they have the devices in stock, they'll ship right away, and if they don't, they'll put you on pre-order status. If you manage to get an invite while on pre-order status, you can bump up to the top of the queue. Of course, you can always cancel the pre-order at any time if you're sick of waiting.

So far the device's developers have used an invitation system that relied on getting ordering access from friends that already got a OnePlus One. This was done primarily to make sure there wasn't a lot of excess inventory being made and going unsold.

The device itself provides great bang for buck. Starting at $299, you get a 5.5-inch 1080p display and a 2.5 Ghz quad-core processor. Our review of the OnePlus One sums it up nicely:

"OnePlus may have dug itself into a hole with its marketing, trying to make the One seem like the next great thing when really it's just another phone. And that's okay, because the One is competing at a price point with a bunch of other phones that are just phones, too, and in this arena it's crushing pretty much everything around it. It offers industry-topping specs, solid hardware, a robust and customizable software experience and above-average camera in a land of cheap phones that really can't match it."

How many of you guys have OnePlus One devices already? Anybody interested in getting their hands on one?

Source: OnePlus

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