OnePlus One

OnePlus announced on its forums that it is interested in launching the OnePlus One in India someday, citing the device's popularity in the country. The hardware vendor mentioned that India currently ranks eighth in terms of overall traffic, outweighing several launch countries.

Over the past months, we've seen tremendous interest from India, despite not having launched there. We have many customers in India purchasing to the US, and then asking a friend to bring it over or trans-shipping it. Some have even purchased the device from scalpers. Looking at our traffic, India ranks number 8, outweighing many of our launch countries.

The interest in the handset is well warranted, considering the OnePlus One offers outstanding features for the price. While a clear launch date has not been announced yet, OnePlus said that it is laying the groundwork for an eventual release in India, which includes setting up a distribution and aftersales support network.

With the imminent arrival of OnePlus and the launch of Xiaomi's Mi 3 in the country earlier this month, Indian users are (finally) spoilt for choice when it comes to value for money handsets.

With the Mi 3 launching in India for around $220, how much do you think the OnePlus One will likely cost in the country?

Source: OnePlus

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