Although we've already got some hands-on time with the OnePlus One under our belt, there's a good many folks out there interested in the device still waiting for even just an invite to purchase one. The company is well aware of that and is still sticking to their plans to have invites out soon however, they've now added an additional potential way to obtain one. As noted on their blog, they have two contests planned but they're also going forward with a plan to offer certain members of their own forums a invite as well.

We also want to show our gratitude to those early believers that have supported us from the beginning. So we're giving invites to some of our earliest members to buy the 64GB version of the One. Without their encouragement and invaluable feedback, we honestly couldn't have made it this far. We certainly wouldn't have made this big of an impact. Our system will automatically allocate invites based on these three parameters:

  • Your "forum age" - the earlier you joined our forums, the higher you will be ranked
  • Your participation - you must have a minimum amount of posts (it's less than what you think!)
  • Recent activity - we want our members to still be with us!

With this invite, you'll finally have the chance to buy the phone you've been waiting for: the One. We want to protect the rights of our users and avoid accidentally creating a second-hand invite market, as such you'll have 24 hours to make good use of your invite. If you decide not to use it, we will pass it on for you to the next person in the queue.

As you can tell by the parameters, it's designed to give folks on their forums who have been around for a while a higher priority so that's a good thing -- don't go crashing their forums. Of course, your interest level in this info will be entirely based on whether or not you've actually signed up for their forums and have been there for a while. Right now, they have 48,327 members on the forums. Are you one of them and have been there long enough to possibly get an invite?

Source: OnePlus One

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