OnePlus One press render

If there's one thing that's driven us — and you — crazy about the OnePlus One, it's been the overhyping process of slowly dribbling out specs, pricing, sale processes, and vague hints about how the smartphone will compare with current flagship devices. We tired so much of it that we opted to ignore the noise until something cut through that was truly interesting — and a series of marketing material renders fits that bill quite nicely.

What you see above is, according to Android Authority, our first look actual look at the OnePlus One. This allegedly comes from marketing materials for the OnePlus One. It looks to be, as the OnePlus Google+ hype machine suggested, a thin phone with a simple, minimalist design.

Also revealed was a selection of the SwapStyle back plates that owners will be able to, well, swap out for different styles. The array shows a few different wood finishes (hello, Moto X) plus fabrics and a patterned back.

OnePlus One SwapStyle backs

Additionally, the software that will power the OnePlus One has leaked a bit more. The partnership with CyanogenMod is bringing a release of CyanogenMod 11S for the OnePlus One. We've seen a glimpse of the OS, but the OnePlus BBS has posted a few more screenshots of what we can expect.

The OnePlus One Hype Machine Express is, thankfully, rolling in to the station, with April 23rd set for the reveal. Maybe then we can all relax.

Source: Android Authority, OnePlus BBS