OnePlus won't be making a sequel to the OnePlus X. At the OnePlus 3 launch event in Shenzhen, CEO Pete Lau revealed to Engadget that the company will focus on one "true flagship" line going forward.

OnePlus X

The OnePlus X turned out to be a decent compact phone, but focusing on a single phone a year would undoubtedly free up resources to focus on the software side of things, which is exactly what OnePlus is going to do.

As for sales figures, Lau said that Europe is still the vendor's fastest growth market, with India and the U.S. rounding off the top three regions. As for its home country, Lau is taking the long-term approach:

This will all make sense in 20 years' time. Some vendors say the online model is stalling so they badmouth it, but I see that as an opportunity. You just have to remain persistent.

We hope that once our fans have played with the OnePlus 3, they will feel the same way they did with the OnePlus One