OnePlus finally begins selling USB Type-C cables

Back at the end of July, OnePlus first announced that it would be selling its USB Type-C cable as a stand-alone purchase, but until now there was no way to actually buy it. OnePlus has finally listed the cable in its store, and at the price which it originally promised. Coming in two different sizes, 100 cm and 150 cm, pricing for the cables sits at $5.49 and $6.99 respectively.

So, what makes this cable special? Besides the attractive pricing, the cable itself is well constructed. From our time spent checking it out:

it's a flat tangle-free cable with thick shielding for durability, and a nice rubber tie connected to it to keep it neatly bundled when not in use. The new USB-C model has a neat new feature though — the USB-A end (where it goes into the wall plug or computer) is also reversible. A patent pending technology lets you plug the cable in both ways without any moving parts, using a small bit of smarts in the plug itself to figure out how you inserted it.

Whether you own a OnePlus 2, or another USB Type-C compatible device, this is a great deal. OnePlus is charging $4.99 for shipping, but even with shipping the cable is still priced great. You can grab a USB Type-C cable from OnePlus at the link below.

Purchase the USB Type-C cable from OnePlus