OEM partners supportive of Motorola Mobility acquisition, praise Google's defense of Android

Google hit us with a bombshell this morning when they announced that they would be acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion dollars. Despite Google's insistence that Motorola will remain a licensee of Android and the platform will remain open, many wonder what other partners think of the deal.

Google has reportedly spoken with several who have been supportive of the deal, as they see it as an essential move to defend Android. Here are three quotes from OEM partners:

Peter Chou, CEO, HTC:

“We welcome the news of today‘s acquisition, which demonstrates that Google is deeply committed to defending Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem.”

Bert Nordberg, President & CEO, Sony Ericsson:

“I welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.”

Jong-Seok Park, Ph.D, President & CEO, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company:

“We welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.”

J.K. Shin, President, Samsung, Mobile Communications Division:

"We welcome today’s news, which demonstrates Google’s deep commitment to defending Android, its partners, and the ecosystem."

Many had questioned when Google would step up to defend its partners from patent lawsuits, and it looks like they've made a huge move towards doing just that this morning. More to come as news rolls in.

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Sean Brunett
  • Yay! This just made my morning. :)
  • Outstanding. I was wondering when something like this was going to happen. We kept waiting and it looks like Google is finally stepping up. Can't wait to hear more news about the deal and how this will affect the Android landscape.
  • In other words, "please buy us also".
  • Is it just me, or do all the quotes sound like they were reading from the same script? They're not all exactly the same, but it sure sounds like they were just regurgitating what someone else told them to say.
  • It's not just you...
  • I think they all got the same email telling them what the correct response should be.
  • and that letter was from our Over Lord Android. All praise the Lord.
  • Just another reminder that when companies become as big as these do they become less unique and more alike regardless of there origins, different logos and public ethos. The Corporate world speaks the same (legally represented) language. Now if only Google could buy USA ;-P
  • I'm thinking it's more along the lines of this... "OK Google, here's what we'll do if you'll agree to it. We won't ask for antitrust hearings provided you use this acquisition for good rather than evil. Our statement of support will be very narrow and focus on 'defending Android'"
  • The fact that they're all on the same page is a good thing. It means they are coordinating together and no one is feeling butthurt. This is good because together they stand against Apple and their anti-competitiveness and lack of innovation. The patents that Google will be Acquiring will help to protect all of them from Apple. They have every reason to be on the Google team.
  • Surprise the lg comment and the song Ericson comments are almost identical.
  • You rock google!
  • I think all of the OEMs see this as what it most likely is, A PATENT PLAY. Motorola has one of the healthiest patent portfolio's around. Google will probably be giving the next nexus to Motorola. Google with this acquisition are now owners of a massive number of patents that relate to phones, ui, telecommunications, and various other aspects of the mobile business. Moto itself wasnt big enough to fully persue these against Apple, but now this patent arms race is on equal footing.
  • Correction : Google will be giving the next Nexus to themselves. ;-)
  • This why they didn't get involved with that M$ cross company patent buy. That buy would have still left them open to litigation. Now M$ and Apple have intense conference calls ahead.
  • Awesome. So my next phone will either be a Photon or the Ice Cream phone, which will also be Moto. HELLO MOTO!!!
  • "I for one welcome our new Google overlords" It is good to hear official support it just struck me a bit of a carbon copy response. So I guess acquiring is one way to defend the OEMs. I'm waiting for someone to bring up the potential negatives of this deal. Are there none? Sounds great to me personally.
  • The negatives are that Samsung and HTC will lean towards WP7 because they'll see Google as competition - unless Google sell Moto, which they will certainly do
  • Not really, they made more money with Android and also Nokia and MS have a special "relationship".
  • It's "go time." Also, it patents can't fully protect them look at Samsung, it's a massive company but they still got Apple beef.
  • The partners are supportive because they know that Google will sell off Moto once they take it's patents....
  • Google isn't selling off Moto. It's in Google's best interest to have their own phone manufacturer. That way, even if they already chose someone else to make the next Nexus phone, the one after that will be their own. MOTO. If it turns out that the next Nexus IS a Moto, then it's not coincidence. it was part of the plan. Looking forward to my next phone NOT being an HTC. :-)
  • So does that technically make the Droid, DroidX, Xprt(PRO) and Photon "Google Phones" by extension? Not really. Made before Google took over. Either way, it's good news for Android. Beats Audio with HTC. Moto with Google. Now if Samsung can just defend themselves against Apple...
  • I really hope that they don't give too much "priority" to Motorola because the liberty/equality in the android ecosystem is something which has really excelled it. Nevertheless, this made my day. Exactly what Google/Android needed. I just hope they use that large patent portfolio... wonder how many lawsuits we'll see from apple now?
  • What a way to start the work week!
  • The next Nexus has been in development for a while (most likely). Unless they had this planned for a long time, it will still be whichever OEM (Samsung?)Google originally picked.
  • way to go google i love Motorola always pushing the boundaries of their devices 1 step ahead
  • google bought motorola for the sake of patent protection. they said in the other article that they wont change the way motorola operates. i think its a good move, my first smartphone (if you could call it a smartphone by today's standards) was a Motorola Z9. the funky slide out hinge phone that ran UIQ.
  • double, sorry
  • i dont see how this is gona help defend Android from Microsoft .. is this gona help them defend against Apple? cause it int gona help the MS problems, witch is androids biggest problem right now. Motorola`s paten porfolio whont protect them much more .. Motorola is alredy in a lawsuite with MS over patens maybe they wana buy Motorola to spend more cash on lawyers? Lol?
  • My god dude just give up writing, you suck at it...BADLY
  • All hail the hypnoto.... I mean google. I'm pretty excited about this! Can you say moto nexus? Would they be known together as moogle?
  • I welcome this post under this article! LOL!
  • I welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.
  • I welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.
  • I welcome Google's defense of Android and commitment to its partners.
  • Now google can make motoblur not suck. :-P
  • This deal is more about the patents lawsuits and protection for Google and Android, since they figure Motorola has better security and they own style non Apple user interface (ugly motoblur) lol. It's not really about cell phones mainly.
  • This is great news! My guess is the Google called LG, HTC and Samsung and told them this was the best way to defend Android and by extension the other android handset makers. There is not any other manufacture of android phones with as deep of a patent portfolio at such a bargain basement price. While I am sure HTC and Sammy are wary of the move they have to like the fact that Google is putting $10 Billion behind protecting Android and helping them. As for M$ and Oracle.. This is just SCO part II (we all know how that turned out). No evidence of linux / android patent infringement... Just more FUD! While I won't buy a Moto phone I support the purchase. This helps ALL Google phone makers!
  • The other OEM will make Android phones as long as it is profitable. Plus motorala phones sales are strong in US. But internationally Samsung and HTC has the lion share of android phones sales. I think this news might give some pose to companies who might want to join the Android umbrella. But not those that are already in it.
  • I don't know, I could see some manufactures who were on the fence about adopting Android but were nervous about the platform's susceptibility to patent litigation being put at ease by this. Run-on sentence runs on.
  • That could happen as well.
  • yay more cash for MS for every Android sold!!
  • I think this just finally put the last piece into the "anti-Apple war machine" that Google has been forced to become. The end of days is coming, as far as legal disputes, innovation in the smartphone world, etc., unless Google suits up and becomes like the thing it despises to beat it down. If Google will just ease into the hardware-manufacturing role instead of trying to distance itself from it, it can become a serious force with which to be reckoned. The worst part of this news for me is that Google is going to try to operate Moto as a separate company and not fully integrate it. The other OEMs wouldn't get snuffed out if Google fully integrated Moto. They'd just have to be more agreeable and work harder to get the same intel and treatment as Google's own Googlerola handset shop. This is awesome news! I was seriously worried about America's only real handset manufacturer (that isn't Apple) after all the missed timelines, crappy devices, and bad PR from the XOOM's (lack of) LTE upgrade. Google just saved Motorola from the path of self-destruction down which it was headed.
  • Clearly Google gave HTC, LG and Samsung a heads up; and made their intentions clear. I do hope this makes Android a bit safer.
  • Google let the consortium do their thing while the Justice Department waited to see how evil they would act with their new patent toys. Now Google has licenses being handed to them for uncompetitive practices while now being able to acquire a patent portfolio to help protect against the evil doers. LESSON TO BE LEARNED:
    Don't play chess with Google. They wrote the algorithm. :-)
  • Apple is now going to be flat out destroyed. I welcome this. Your move Mr. Jobs.
  • wonder how willing jobs is gonna be about pushing out more lawsuits...