The Odyssey watchface makes sure finding the info you need isn't an epic journey

Not everything requires an epic journey, and finding the right watch face for your smartwatch certainly shouldn't require gargantuan amounts of effort. If you've been searching for a face that blends a sharp, functional face, with a gorgeous image, then the Odyssey face might be what you've been looking for. With motes of stardust and a planet in the distance, overlaid with all the info you need, this face is worth more than just a glance. It offers the time, date, and a handful of options to make sure that things are set just the way you like them.

We've got the breakdown for you, just below.

Odyssey Watch face screenshot

The Odyssey Watchface for Android Wear sports a view of a planet, overlaid with the info you need. It's an analog face that fits well with both circular, and square faces. On the left you have a handy gauge with a readout of the battery life for both your smartphone, and your smartwatch. To the right is the date, displaying the month, date, and day of the week.

The date is displayed using slick dials that definitely add to the futuristic aesthetic. At the top of your watch face is the word Odyssey, which you can replace with custom text in settings. The bottom of your screen gives you the option of displaying the current weather, or a second time for a different city in a digital readout.

Odyssey Watchface settings

The customization options are all fairly standard, but they function fantastically. Your first option is to play with the color scheme. There are 9 color options, and each one brings a different feel to the watchface. With the small changes to color, like the power gauges, it can completely change the whole feel of the face and the attention to detail makes it worth checking out a few different colors before settling on one. In the weather setting, you can adjust between Farenheit or Celsius, and you can choose between two different weather providers.

Odyssey Watchface is definitely worth your dollar.

If you decide to go with displaying a second time zone, this is where you'll find it. The list is gigantic, with cities all over the planet to choose from. You also have the option of just setting the GMT to where you need it if your city isn't on that list. You can also adjust your brightness level in settings, input custom text for your watchface, or turn off the stardust in the watchface. For $0.99 on the Play Store, it's definitely worth your dollar.

Overall, the Odyssey Watchface is a solid choice for your main smartwatch face. It gives you some great customization options, and is functional without being cluttered or trying to overdo it. If you've been looking for a functional, slickly designed face, then this should definitely be on your list. So what do you think, is the Odyssey face worth checking out? Is there a face we've overlooked? Do your thing in the comments.

Jen Karner

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