NVIDIA unwraps Jetson Xavier and Issac, an AI and autonomy platform for robotics

NVIDIA is not just a company that makes the best Android TV box and great computer graphics cards. The company is also heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and has always provided an excellent testbed of products for developers to build around.

It's only natural then for the company to take things to the next level and introduce a complete development kit for AI and autonomy designed specifically with robotics in mind. NVIDIA Issac, the name of the platform itself, contains a full SDK, development framework and all the tools needed to write, compile, and debug applications that bring autonomy to life in almost any way.

On the hardware side, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier is a new system of components designed from the ground up with robotics applications in mind. It's powerful, compact, and a full part of the Issac platform. On the system board, you'll find an eight-core ARM64 CPU, a Volta Tensor Core GPU, two NVDLA (NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator) chips, and dedicated co-processors for imaging, vision systems, and video

Together this comprehensive suite of hardware and software makes a complete development platform that will retail for just $1,299. It's clearly not designed for consumers, but that price should allow anyone or any team to be able to take their great ideas and turn them into a working development model. And that's how every great idea is born.

Interested parties will be able to purchase an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier development kit in August from a number of worldwide distributors. The kit includes all the hardware and access to the complete Issac software suite. Learn more at NVIDIA's Issac product page.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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