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NVIDIA Spot peripheral extends the Shield Android TV's Google Assistant throughout the home

To partner with the announcement of the brand-new Shield Android TV, NVIDIA is hoping to leverage its new power and Google Assistant smarts throughout your home with the NVIDIA Spot, a Wi-Fi-connected microphone/speaker peripheral. Rather than holding computing power and software in itself, the NVIDIA Spot is a small — roughly golf ball-sized — peripheral that can be placed anywhere and connect to your Shield Android TV over Wi-Fi.

The Spot simply acts as a conduit to speaking to Google Assistant on the TV box, and it will then return your answer just like a Pixel or Google Home would today. But because the Spot is small and simple, NVIDIA envisions being able to put multiple Spots throughout your home so it's always available. Any spot can hear you from about 20 feet away, and it'll always send the query to the new Shield Android TV and hand it back to you at the nearest speaker.

At $49 each, chances are people could spring for two or three Spots.

The spot is shown being plugged directly into a wall power outlet without a cord, meaning placement won't be completely flexible but will of course be extremely simple. And considering the Spot's size, it shouldn't cause any issues taking up a couple power outlets around the house. NVIDIA isn't yet telling us when we'll be able to buy a Spot (or three), but we do know the price: $49.99 each.

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  • So Spot is like Dot.
    Nicely done, I'll have to look into it.
  • Too bad it's dependent on having the shield TV. I'd definitely get it otherwise. I have Xbox ones, fire TVs and Rokus in the house, can't justify getting a shield TV.
  • I'll be upgrading to the new Shield anyway(for no other reason than that it's new and shiny. Love my current Shield) With any luck it won't get me too many nights on the sofa lol.
    But looking forward to seeing exactly how dot works. Hopefully it won't be too expensive.
  • Perhaps you can sell the other guy your old Shield for a knock down price!
  • If you like throwing away money I'll take the old one. There isn't any new hardware in the new one so getting it instead of just getting a new remote or controller is a complete waste.
  • It's not throwing away money. I don't think it's a waste at all. It makes me happy so it's worth the price
  • The new Shield doesn't have Micro SD and Micro USB, just so you know. Be careful if your current config relies on any of these ports.
  • Sucks that it doesn't work with the current shield tv. I'd definitely give it a go.
  • It will, current Shield TV will get all announced features this month via software update...
  • I thought I heard the opposite, do you know where this was said? Super excited if that's the case.
  • its the same internals in the new shield, they would both get the software updates and you'd have to buy the additional accessories to make it fully work.
  • It will work with the current Shield. They are identical in terms of hardware, and the software update that makes them identical all around will be out this month.
  • That is a HUGE plus for me then! Love my original and have wanted to integrate google home for a while. Getting a spot or two would be the perfect solution
  • Looks like we have the Assistant version of Dot, though it's a shame it only works with the Shield TV
  • Here's hoping Nvidia do an Australian release for both this and the new Shield TV.
  • Meh, it would still be cheaper to buy it from Amazon so doesn't really matter if they do.
  • Will the Spot work if the Shield TV is in standby?
  • I'm pretty sure that was the point of the controller redesign, to allow for "always listening" capabilities, so my guess is that even in standby, the nVidia Shield will continue to process Google Assistant activity.
  • doubtful. Worse yet is if your shieldTV is actually controlling power on your entertainment center. I'd dislike having my tv turn on everytime google thinks I asked it something.
  • I wonder if these will work with my old Shield once it gets updated to Nougat . . .
  • From what I've heard, the hardware for the new Pro is exactly the same as the previous model. The 16GB version is also the same hardware, but packed in a much smaller case (since it doesn't need room for the 500GB hard drive). Thus, the added software capabilities, including Google Assistant, Amazon Prime Support, etc., are all going to be available on the original models as well. The only difference is in the controllers. Neither the remote nor controller from the original version will have the "always listening" capabilities, so you'll be somewhat limited with Google Assistant. However, the spots should resolve that.
  • Interested to see how well this works when the shield is on standby.
  • Because my nvidia shield is connected to my tv and powers it on/off (and is also controlled by the TV remote) this would have to be something that worked when my shieldtv is asleep. Otherwise my entire entertainment center would be activated or my spot would be disabled when I left the living room.
  • Any idea how well these will interact with Google home? Will they be able to coordinate like the echo does with multiple dots?
  • Wish they were slightly cheaper. In the Chromecast price range. At $50 they might need some compelling stand alone features. The echo dot does everything the larger echo does right?
  • At $50 it really should be standalone. Even if it was though, dont really need it when my huawei watch and moto hint all can access my phone's assistant.