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What you need to know

  • Before this update, control for these devices required third-part apps to route commands.
  • Aside from the ability to turn on and off the water flow, it's possible to control the fill level as well.
  • Native control for humidifiers and dehumidifiers were added as well to give controls and moisture levels.

Sometimes, measuring out precise amounts of liquid can be a tedious task, especially if you don't have a measuring cup available. I'm not the best at just eyeballing fluid to much of any precision. It looks like that process could be getting easier now that Google has added native controls to faucets into Google Assistant.

Android Police found that not only are faucets getting some love, but bathtubs, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers are getting the ability to be controlled directly with Google Assistant.

While smart faucets have been accessible previously through the Assistant, they had to be routed through a third-party to pass along the commands. While it generally works, those commands would be a bit wonky in the delivery and had a higher chance of failure — and let's be honest, it feels pretty silly asking your faucet for water only for it to fail.

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The ability to turn on and off the water will obviously be there, but also will the option to request specific amounts of water should the device have that functionality. This can be helpful from cooking to telling your bathtub to fill up with a specified water level and temperature

For humidifiers and dehumidifiers, control over fan speed, humidity settings, and of course, on and off will be there for voice commands. While it's definitely not a necessity for most folks, there could be benefits to those with accessibility needs. The chance to automate more parts of the home can free up both time and energy that can be better directed to other tasks.

Might be small, but it's powerful

Nest Hub

Nest Hub

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The Nest Hub doesn't have the biggest screen or loudest speaker out there, but it fits perfectly into a bathroom setup. With no camera, a great display, and a speaker that's just right for relaxing while you soak in your bath.

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