Nonexistent LG phone to compete against nonexistent Samsung phone

Although Samsung hasn't yet announced a Galaxy S III, and we still have no reliable information on what the device will be like, it seems LG may already be preparing a direct competitor. Korean news site DDaily has the first reports on a device dubbed the "LG D1L", which is described as a "Galaxy S3 killer."

Citing anonymous sources within LG, the site reports that the "D1L" will include a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip, a 4.7-inch 720p display and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. None of that's  particularly surprising, but the fact that LG has an unannounced high-end handset is a little odd. As far as we know, the manufacturer's new flagship device is the Optimus 4X HD, a quad-core phone which we saw at MWC in February.

In any case, it shouldn't surprise anyone to see that LG, Samsung's main Korean competitor, is preparing a rival handset. For what it's worth, the D1L is rumored to launch in May, around the same time as the rest of LG's 2012 line-up.

Source: DDaily (Korean); via: The Verge

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • If what's basically the spec of the US One X is a "Galaxy S3 killer", a lot of people will be very disappointed in Samsung...
  • I wonder if LG will include that spiffy new AMOLED technology they just tried stealing from Samsung? :)
  • LG? Lulz!
  • I think Alex has been to the Phil Nickinson school of sarcastic
    headline writing! Surely more competition is good but can we please have some high
    end phones that are suitable for those of us who aren't basketball
  • Would you prefer something more jockey sized?
  • Actually the headline was about as perfect an example of nihilism as you will find in journalism these days. But you are right, it had Phil written all over it, and I did a double take when I saw the by-line.
  • While I love big screens I can see a strong market for a high end 4" screen with decent battery life and moderate form factor. I can't understand why no one makes a phone like that anymore.
  • Because the market is all ga-gg about thin? There is precisely one phone out there that can be had in thin and short-runtime vs thicker and longer-runtime. You would think the universal acclaim for the Maxx version of the Razr, and the universal condemnation of the thin version would make manufacturers sit up and pay attention. It will take an entire product cycle for this to sink in I suspect.
  • s3 killer with a qualcomm s4 hardly. sorry u just cant beat exynos. doesnt matter if its cortex A-15 samsung will find a way to destroy its competitors there samsung u cant touch them
  • I'm guessing these phones "Print f****** money!"
  • Lol. Print f***ing money. I don't Care.
  • Yeah good luck with that LG. lol
  • I would rather by an Android powered weed whacker before I buy an LG phone.
  • Just because it hasn't been announced yet, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  • Swoosh!
  • Bull$hit....LG cant compete with samsung. what a joke. Was hoping SSG III landed on VZ. Developers have no support for LG devices anyways. This sucks big time
  • 2012.
    Flagship Phone.
    Dual Core. Which one of these is out of place?
  • Erm, none of them. Even Samsung will release a dual-core 5250 after their quad-core 4412 and it will be considerably faster.
  • What a joke. LG has just been ripping off Samsung. They're OS is very similar to Touch-Wiz and they tried to claim that they have better screen technology than Samsung, lol. Samsung>LG
  • lol I remember LG.