No wood for OnePlus One as bamboo StyleSwap cover now canceled

OnePlus announced that the company has cancelled production of the bamboo StyleSwap cover for the OnePlus One phone. Originally created to give more flexibility and allow for customization of the affordable handset, similar to what Motorola Mobility offers for the Moto X, the cover proved too challenging to manufacture for OnePlus and the company has canceled its plans to mass produce the bamboo back shell.

"Ultimately, we made the very hard choice to stop production of StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus One," the company said. "We simply aren't comfortable mass releasing a product that does not offer the best user experience."

Not all hope is lost, however, as OnePlus had a limited production run and will continue to sell the covers it had already manufactured.

We do still have a small number of Bamboo covers that have already been produced and look amazing. We are going to sell this limited stock and will provide explicit instructions on how to replace your cover without damaging the cover, phone or battery.

However, with limited supplies, these covers may be hard to come by.

The company is also exploring covers made from other materials.

We are also still looking into the possibility of releasing limited edition Ones which come with a Kevlar or Denim cover out of the box. We are learning more and will keep you posted.

Are you disappointed by this announcement?

Source: OnePlus

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