Nexus One strapped to a rocket takes Android to 28,000 feet

Nexus One. Android. Rocket motors. You see where this is going, right? Self-described "Freelance scientific molecular evolutionary biological videographic NASA microgravitational & space education specialist" (and Phish fan) Matthew Reyes dropped word to Make: Online about the RocketMavericks event last weekend in Nevada, where James Dougherty's Intimidator-5 rocket did the deed. It was all in the name as using smartphone technology as low-cost rocket components, which is about the coolest thing we've ever heard.

Nexus One went up, Nexus One came down, shooting video all long the way. Did it survive? Well, watch the video after the break, and be sure to check out the Flickr page for the aftermath. [Make: Online, FlickrThanks, dppatel!

  • That is soo cool but I have to ask. Sweet Jesus, why?
  • Umm... Because you can!! This rocks
  • Oh my God. It's full of stars.
  • Nice
  • And of course it survived.
  • Quick, get a mop.
  • Dear god i think gonna vomit for how much this video spins.
  • I would have used a Droid incredible and shot that with an 8 Mega pixel camera in 720p. Pluse you know that would have survived. I mean that one guys dropped his in a fire and it still worked. But sweet video though.
  • Are you crazy? Risk a Dinc? There are plenty of iPhone 3Gs sitting around for this type of use.
  • Your right the 3GS could get a great picture of the ignition source.
  • Nexus One: Falls from 28,000 feet and survives
    Iphone 4: Falls three feet and shatters
  • Sweet! I couldn't find it in the manual, but guessing that altitude, temperature, and humidity were all way outside warranty coverage parameters.
  • Very cool!
  • what a nice way to almost destroy one of the few existing Nexus Ones, lol..imma go throw up now..
  • crap, I just throw-up all over my keyboard. and I am still dizzy
  • Now that's one sturdy phone. It's amazing how they can build phones that have the functionality of a laptop and the sturdiness of a Nokia 3310. Brilliant!
  • This will make the stupid iPhone attached balloon looks like a joke. lol