Nock is Rocket League with bows and arrows, out now on Meta Quest

The game's title, Nock with two human-like avatars aiming bows and arrows at a while ball in the top right corner. The ball is also the O in Nock.
(Image credit: Normal. and Oculus)

Nock is the latest game from Normal., the self-described, "community of creative misfits, artists, engineers, and storytellers working at the intersection of design and technology," behind the creative, off-beat hide-and-seek game Half+Half. Combining soccer and archery, Nock sets its sights high, designating itself as "the first multiplayer sport for VR."

Nock takes its cues from soccer, but instead of kicking the ball, players need to shoot it with their bow to score a goal or defend their own. Players can also use "block arrows" to place blocks on the field — or above it — to make obstacles for other players or even help defend their goal.

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Similar to other popular soccer-like games such as Rocket League, there's more to Nock than just attacking and defending the goal. You might find yourself knocked out by a fast-moving ball or platforming between floating blocks to get the jump on an opponent.

Since its launch yesterday, Nock's been received incredibly well by the VR community. With largely positive reviews on the Oculus Storefront, the game's seen a few issues with its multiplayer matchmaking, preventing some players from finding online matches.

Normal.'s last game, Half + Half, is one of our favorite family-friendly VR games. Android Central's own Nick Sutrich praised the game for how intuitive and simple it is to hop on and play a few quick games without much fuss. If Nock's reception and hype is anything to go off of, it's sure to follow in Half + Half footsteps. Nock's available now for download on Meta Quest 2 for $9.99 right now.

Charlie Wacholz
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