New YouTube comment system integrated with Google+ now available

A better signal-to-noise ratio and more interaction with people you care about

Just as was promised back in September, YouTube is getting a new comment system based on Google+ with several new features. The new system will surface comments from people whose comments you care about most, such as your Google+ friends, the video maker, engaged commenters and other well-known YouTube personalities. Of course if you still want to see the flood of comments roll in, you can switch to "newest first" from "top comments."

One of the biggest bonuses in moving to Google+ for YouTube comments is being able to have a mix of private and public discussions on a single video. You can limit your comments to just specific circles or specific people, right alongside your public comments that everyone can see on the page.

A likely best of all if you're a YouTube video creator, you now have even better ways to moderate comments on your videos. You can review comments before they're made public, block certain words or auto-approve comments from specific people.

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Source: YouTube Blog

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  • First comment!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Now all we need is something like that on AC... :p
  • That would be a great feature. Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7
  • Annoying...
  • As long as I don't need a Google+ account, and can continue commenting normally, then I am fine with this. All Google needs to do now is to stop asking me if I want to switch names/make a G+ account.
  • I know right?? Annoying people with that stupid notification won't make them sign up google. If I wanted to, I would've signed up by now.
  • I think the comment section of AC should be revamped as well. Feels a little outdated.
  • Kind of wished they'd use disqus, or update it to + voting to se people who agree or share same idea with other postings. Don't need negative ones though. And also something to edit, re-edit expires after a few minutes. And the Spam filtering is Crazy, I can not type out numbers for anything or the site says I'm spamming, like monetary units, years, os #'s.
  • I reneger when androids YouTube app had respond to comments & vote negative &positive, note it's watered down crap... Even this g+ comments isn't a reply to anyone's contents it's more like post for your friends to read your crap. What makes a social network so great is that you can" socialize with strangers, start debates & more, please Google mage a YouTube web app with the invoices & *just an exact copy of the web based YouTube!
  • i totally Agree with Jay..
  • Exactly
  • How long till they add like and reply buttons to the mobile apps? Why they have not done this yet is beyond me.
  • +9001 nuf said..
  • MOBILE? more like how long til that's added back to regular browsing?
  • Not trying to comment spam but this to ive been wondering about that forever. Seems they purposely removed it on mobile devices. Or atleast, on my iphone.
  • Being on Windows I'm seeing comments on here from Apple, Mobil, Windows and probably a fucking few from a calculator at this point. Trust me it's not just you, the new set up sucks all to hell and they need to just put it back the way it was, but they won't because Google is Government funded and they are monopolizing everything.
  • This is a great move.
  • Just wait and see how the number of obscene comments drop....
  • Wow cupcakes? Only fucking fags eat that shit. That's for pussy bitches.. Ohh Hi mom.
  • Excellent. The only people against this are trolls.
  • Bingo.
  • Or people like me who don't want anything to do with the Google+ crap. I want to continue being able to comment, view and do everything using my YouTube account. Fuck this integration BS.
  • You mean like the troll claiming if we're against it we're trolls? Or maybe it's because we don't want Google tracking us to sell our information including Identification or like in my case THE FUCKING THING DON'T WORK! Some times the biggest trolls are the idiots that claim everyone else is the troll just because you don't agree with their views. I can see who you voted for last election.
  • I bet the people who don't want Google to use their real name or want to hide behind a fake name are the ones who are leaving extremely rude and hurtful comments.
  • Probably, but I prefer not to use my full name, and I don't act like a jerk online. And I'm not sure how much this will improve YouTube comments since the jerks can just create "John Smith" Google+ accounts. Posted via Android Central App, HTC One
  • Also true.
  • Ohh, hi there! What's wrong with my name?
  • I am sure we all prefer the comments of friends telling us the self serving shit we like to hear and believe. I just completely disabled Google+ because i have started to replies to my comments where its not visible on the video and i cannot reply to them. Google+ needs to die.
  • I dont like how they are trying to force google+ on us... Let people choose... First they keep f'ing with youtube and asking me if I want to use a google plus name.. They messed with the playstore and now this... We like android because we get a choice, dont start force feeding us google+...
  • You have a choice, use it or don't. Their products, their rules.
  • New comments at bottom? Oh
  • I just tried ii. It's worse than trolls.
    Shared this via Google+, #hashtag, #hashtag .....
  • Should have just stayed with just one until they were able to integrate both into the one app. Posted via Android Central App
  • So am I the only one who doesn't have a fully functioning YouTube app? I've gone frome the Note2 to the Note3 and still am unable to watch videos on YouTube in HD without constant buffering. I have cable Internet with speeds at 15mbs+. What's the the BFD? Posted via Android Central App
  • Its the same with me too.
  • Jesus you still have 15MBS? Our cable switched to 50 about a year ago. Anyway that kinda is a big deal, you are running DSL speed, so the higher def you run the harder it is to move the signal faster through the feed. Getting an internet booster should help that. It will tone down the back ground programs running your system through the feed of your Ethernet or wireless and a game booster to close down your background programs in your system will make at least most of that go away. If you really want to add a punch get some one to overclock your processor but make sure they don't OC it to the full potential or you will have to add more fans and might burn up your main board.
  • so since the new youtube commenter was released, i can't comment on youtube videos. I'm on a macbook retina 15" anyone else having this problem? i tried chrome on my macbook as well to no avail.
  • Ive got exactly the same problema... cant comment anymore. It keeps asking for me to log in with Google+. I really dont even use it so i guess i will try to delete all related with Google including e-mail account, in order to see if such can solve this issue.
  • I'm on Windows and still can't do shit. I'm still on XP because I still prefer it over that new garbage Widows has released over the years but from what I'm seeing other people say it's not making any difference and sense you're on Apple I know my system isn't the problem because you are having the same exact issues as I am. So what ever it is, it's them not us, I think it's time for a divorce.
  • Is there a way to default to a circle? I don't want work people watching my comments on tech & YouTube crazyness.
  • Wow, the imbeciles posting that this is a good thing are truly delusional.
  • So now I won't be able to troll?? Great.....but I'll find a way. I always do. And what's up with this gay site that puts the newest comments at the bottom. ƒucking ghey, brah!!
  • Not a fan of the new comments but I'll come to like them eventually. I hate how I can't like a comment and there are no 2 top comments anymore. I actually liked that
  • Google has created a fire of hatred within me.. first they screw with my youtube so now I require two accounts one for my actual account with all my subscriptions and another one that they created using my email address linking both accounts two goolge+ "which I don't like nor use". Now they modified the comment section so it's intergrated with goolge+, it would be nice not to require google+ for using youtube or at least have that option. What this video fails to show you is that you cannot like, dislike OR reply to some of the comments. Which means abusive comments cannot be reported or disliked "which is how I ended up here looking a solution. I was amongst the many that joined google at the beginning and now I'm on the edge of just deleting my google account all together and not bothering with any of their services.
  • Dear, I do not have the URL for you, but they have a page with more information about this system and the mobile apps and they are working on that features you mention.
  • Dear, I do not have the URL for you, but they have a page with more information about this system and the mobile apps and they are working on that features you mention.
  • I don't like swearing but... FUCK GOOGLE+ IT'S BEEN DEAD BEFOR IT WAS ALIVE!!! FORGET IT YOU GOOGLE IDIOTS FORGET IT!!! And stop crippling youtube with this crap!
  • "more interaction with people" Fucking WRONG. We can't interact with jack shit if you can't reply anymore. Are they fucking retarded? What the Hell is wrong with them?
  • I HEARD that on the PC someone fixed this by "enabling google cookies that were blocked"
  • Oh so just disconnect all the shit that keeps them from tracking you because you don't like to be tracked by assholes that sell your information, Identification and all your bank info to make the internet JUST THAT MUCH MORE FUN just so you can comment on a video site. Yeah I can see that going well. I think they finally succeeded at killing youtube.
  • Welp not only do they want to make sure they can track us but just like Obamacare it's pretty obvious they can't even make their integration work correctly. Guess the boys from Canada weren't only hireed to work on or what ever it was called. Just love how everything Government funded goes to hell and still stupid people want them to pamper them but still complain when their shit don't work.