New pics of the Droid X emerge, looking like a major player (updated)

In a word: Wow. Finally, some clear pics of the Droid Xtreme -- which apparently is going to be called the Droid X -- and it's a looker. Gadget University scored some time with the as-yet unannounced Verizon-branded phone and reports back that it indeed has a 4.3-inch screen (and says "the colors are much better than on the Droid"), 1GHz Snapdragon process (Really? Switching to Snapdragon? The 1GHz part may still be true, though. -- Update: Now they're saying 750Mhz TI OMAP3630.), HDMI out, 8MP camera with flash, Android 2.1, and an updated Motoblur when they say isn't as bad as what we have now.

Not sure how crazy we'll be about the physical button on the bottom -- they look a little out of place on an otherwise very slick phone. GU says we may see this guy on Verizon in the next month or so. Let's certainly hope so. [Gadget University via Droid Life]

Update: BGR's got an unsourced post that says we'll see this puppy in July and the Droid 2 in August, with the latter launching with Android 2.2. We'll see.

Droid X

Phil Nickinson