New multitasking feature for the Quest 2 improves Android app integration

Oculus Quest 2 With Controllers Hero
Oculus Quest 2 With Controllers Hero (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The new multitasking capability for the Oculus Quest 2 has finally made its way to some users.
  • The new feature fixes some issues with running Android apps on the VR system.
  • You'll still need to sideload apps in order to use them.

Facebook unveiled a bunch of new features for the Oculus Quest 2 in June, including a new multitasking support that would let you open multiple windows and apps in VR as a part of the system's v30 update. That capability, however, didn't arrive when users downloaded the system's latest version during the weeks that followed. That is, until now.

As per UploadVR, some Quest 2 users have started picking up the multitasking feature. It's disabled by default, so you'll have to manually turn it on by heading over to the Experimental Features menu in the Quest settings. After that, you can then launch an app from its Quest taskbar and move it to one of the vacant windows alongside the existing Oculus browser.

Multitasking appears to be rolling out in phases to Quest version 30 and later. The rollout has also introduced quite a few improvements to the way Android apps run on one of the best VR headsets. There are new exit and minimize buttons that allow you to completely close an app or make it run in the background. Prior to this change, you would need to do a full reboot of your VR headset so that an app would fully stop running.

Of course, you'll still need to download APKs since the Quest 2 doesn't officially support those apps yet. Once you've moved past that step, you can sideload the apps via SideQuest and drag them to any of the open multitasking slots.

In addition, the latest update makes it possible to navigate the VR platform using only your hands without the need for controllers. You can also access offline downloads for the Android version of various apps as usual even if you're not connected to the internet.

That said, there's still no word as to when the Quest 2 will get official Android app support despite earlier rumors that pointed to that possibility. Nonetheless, the gradual release of multitasking to the Quest 2 marks a promising start toward that direction.

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