Between the Versa and Charge 3, Fitbit released some pretty phenomenal wearables in 2018. Among those, we also got the Fitbit Ace — the company's first tracker designed specifically for kids. Following a leak of what's reportedly the Versa 2, we now have new renders from TechnoBuffalo showcasing what appears to be another kid-focused wearable from Fitbit.

The tracker will come in two colors, including one with a pink body and green accents and another with a blue body and yellow accents. The design is actually quite nice to my eyes and definitely a lot more fun/intruiging than the Fitbit Ace.

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There's what appears to be a black and white touchscreen display, a home/back button on the left side, and charging ports on the back. Similar to the Ace, there's no heart-rate sensor anywhere to be found.

We don't have any idea how much this tracker will cost, when it'll be released, or any exact specs, but I'd guess it gets announced alongside that Versa 2 — whenever that may be.

Check out the other color at TechnoBuffalo

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