New Google+ 'PG-13' feature allows you to restrict posts from minors or readers in foreign lands

A new feature has just launched for Google's social networking service Google+ that allows you to restrict your posts based on your audience's age or location. This way, you can set filters for the content you create to make sure it's not viewable by children, or that you can share your Google+ posts to your peers without the peering eyes of parents. Businesses can also use the new feature to restrict content based on where they want promotions to happen.

"Google+ now enables both pages and profiles to restrict their content based on user age and location," Google announced.

You can now decide that only users 18+ or 21+ should be able to see your posts. You can also specify ages on a country-by-country basis if you need something more custom.

To make the changes, Google advises you to visit your page and profile settings, choosing "Audience," and then making the appropriate changes there.

Is this a feature you'll be using often to regain control of how you share and with whom you share with?

Source: Yonatan Zunger

Chuong H Nguyen