Abstruct brings OnePlus's beautiful wallpapers to any Android phone

OnePlus 6T
OnePlus 6T (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Hampus Olsson has created wallpapers for OnePlus phones since the OnePlus 2.
  • The new Abstruct app includes over 300 wallpapers in 4K resolution.
  • Nearly 150 of the included wallpapers are free, but you need to pay $2 for all of them.

If you've ever been envious of the beautiful wallpapers that come on the OnePlus phones, you'll want to grab this app. Abstruct is a new app from the award-winning artist Hampus Olsson who created wallpapers for every OnePlus device beginning with the OnePlus 2 all the way to the new OnePlus 7 Pro.

Olsson announced Abstruct early this morning with a tweet illustrating that the app includes 300+ wallpapers in 4K resolution.

With that said, you only have access to around 150 wallpapers for free. To unlock all 300, it requires paying $1.99 to unlock the pro version. Along with unlocking the rest of the wallpapers, you'll also have the ability to favorite wallpapers and have access to all upcoming wallpapers.

The app itself is simple with a clean design, but it lacks some of the advanced features we've come to enjoy from other wallpaper apps, such as automatically changing your wallpaper daily. There's no getting around it though; if you're a fan of Olsson's work, this is the best and easiest way to get your hands on his collection.

The name Abstruct is clearly a play on words for the word "abstract." This can make searching for the app a little difficult in the Play Store, mostly because Google thinks you're misspelling abstract. Thankfully, you can follow the link below and start enjoying all that new eye candy on your phone, even if you don't have a OnePlus phone.

Jason England