New Among Us map, The Airship, is the game's biggest yet

Among Us Airship Hero
Among Us Airship Hero (Image credit: Innersloth)

What you need to know

  • A new map for Among Us, called The Airship, releases on March 31.
  • The update includes many new features, including an account system and new cosmetics.
  • Among Us won two Game Awards last year, including Best Multiplayer Game of 2020.

Among Us' new map, The Airship, is finally releasing on March 31, according to Among Us developer, InnerSloth. Originally revealed during the Game Awards 2020, the free update will add ladders, an account system used for moderation, and the ability to choose your starting location. And hats, lots and lots of new hats.

The Airship is the fourth map added to Among Us, and is its biggest. In a developer blog, InnerSloth details the hurdles that stalled the release of the map and all of the considerations made to keep every version of the game up to date.

"Creating a map and updates isn't as simple as creating one aspect of the game and throwing it onto the PC. Because our game is cross-platform, it means EVERYTHING needs to work on as many devices as possible," InnerSloth said. "You may have noticed most modifications to the game focus on just PC, as that makes development much easier."

The social deduction multiplayer sensation, originally released in 2018, went viral last summer and has since made its way onto the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass for PC. The simple whodunit gameplay, accessibility, and cross-platform play made Among Us a hit and one of the best Android games of 2020.

Innersloth was blindsided by the overnight success of their game, and have worked tirelessly to update the game to meet the feverish demand of their fans. If you're interested in trying it for yourself, check out how handy how to play guide to learn everything you need to know about Among Us.

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