This new Netflix feature is perfect if you tend to fall asleep to your favorite shows

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What you need to know

  • Netflix is testing a timer that will shut the service off after a selected period of time.
  • Users can set Netflix to turn off after several different time increments, including the end of the current program.
  • The feature is rolling out to select subscribers globally and may expand to other platforms.

As the global pandemic continues to upend our lives, the time has become but a mere construct, a fleeting memory of how things used to be when there were schedules to follow and gatherings to attend. Now that the majority of us are stuck at home, streaming services have increased in not only subscriber base but also usage. The latest feature from Netflix is for those of you who lose track of time and like to stream shows until they fall asleep.

Source: The Verge / Netflix (Image credit: Source: The Verge / Netflix)

A timer feature is being introduced for some Netflix users that will automatically shut the app off after a selected period of time. Users will be able to select from 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or set the app to shut off at the end of the current program. This is ideal for conserving battery by not having Netflix constantly running after rocking you to sleep. It also ensures that you don't miss out on too much of the best Netflix shows while you're passed out, which usually won't stop until the annoying "continue watching?" prompt pops up after some time. It could also turn into a way for parents to limit how much their kids watch, although the feature appears to be limited to adult profiles for now.

The feature is rolling out to a select group of Android users globally, so not everyone will have access to the feature immediately, but The Verge notes that Netflix is looking to expand the feature to other platforms, so it may not be too long before it arrives on some of the best streaming devices.

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