Netflix HDR playback comes to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Netflix has been ridiculously picky about what devices and formats for ultra-high-definition it supports, and as such Netflix has been slow to allow it on any device, with the LG G6 being the sole phone supported for Netflix's HDR playback... until now, that is. Another phone is crashing the party, and it's the Sony XZ Premium.

HDR playback on phones might not be the biggest deal for users or for Netflix, as most phones probably don't have the resolution for it to matter, but for bleeding-edge flagships that have both the resolution and the supported HDR standard, Netflix will let them stream the good stuff. Why do we still need Netflix to okay it for each device that supports it? That could have to do with how picky Netflix is being with the HDR standards it supports, and it could also be at Netflix doesn't want to send out a bunch of HDR streams to phones that can't display them properly.

Whatever the case may be, we have now doubled the available phones with Netflix HDR from one to two. That's a 100% increase! If you're the proud owner of a Sony XZ Premium, you need to have a Premium Netflix subscription, internet speeds around 25Mbps, and video quality in the app set to high. Enjoy all those pixels, and make sure you don't blow your data limit.

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Ara Wagoner

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