The Nest Hello might get package delivery and pickup detection

Nest Hello hero
Nest Hello hero (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Package delivery and pickup detection are both being worked on for the Nest Hello camera.
  • The two new features were discovered in an APK teardown in version 5.37 of the Nest app.
  • It is unknown when the features might be officially added.

The Nest Hello is already a very capable doorbell camera and one of our favorites over here at Android Central. Now, thanks to some digging over at 9to5Google, it appears the camera is about to get even better with the addition of package delivery and pickup detection.

The features were recently discovered in an APK teardown of the Nest app (version 5.37) for Android. An APK teardown is when someone combs through the code of an app, and in this case, finds some new snippets of code that hint at new features.

The new strings of code for the Nest app seem to point to the Nest Hello introducing a new package delivery feature. The code seems to suggest that your Nest Hello will be able to detect when a package is dropped off, as well as when it has been picked up.

<string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_header">Now your Nest Hello will help you spot packages.</string><string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_body">With package alerts, you&#39;ll receive a notification after someone has left a package in the camera&#39;s view, and another one when someone picks it up.</string>

Further digging, reveals strings that inform you that the package must be on the ground in view of the camera and that this new feature will require a Nest Aware subscription. There also appears to be an option to disable it, if you choose not to use this feature.

<string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_note_one">Your doorbell must be able to see the package on the ground before it can notify you.</string><string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_note_two">This feature requires a Nest Aware subscription.</string><string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_turn_off">Turn off</string>

The two final snippets of code reveal that your Nest Hello will be able to tag your footage when a package has been left or picked up. That should make it easy for you to see when your packages have been dropped off or picked up, and who has been dropping off or picking up your packages.

<string name="camera_cuepoint_type_package_delivered">Package left</string><string name="camera_cuepoint_type_package_retrieved">Package picked up</string>

With the threat of porch pirates always looming and Prime Day nearing, we sure wish this feature was already enabled. Perhaps, Nest will have it ready in time for the holidays to make sure we can keep an eye on all those holiday packages.

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Jason England