Best Third-Party Bands for LG Watch Style

The LG Watch Style may be aimed at those who care a little more about fashion than function, but there are plenty of functional reasons to swap out bands on your new watch. Maybe your perfect fit is between sizes, or maybe you need something a little more sweat-proof — or maybe you simply want something that matches your wardrobe better. Swapping bands on the Style is a breeze, but first you need a band to switch to, and that's where we come in!

MODE Leather Bands

MODE magic

The LG Watch Style is compatible with MODE bands from Google, and if the leather band that came with your Style is a bit too bland, the vibrant colors available from the Google Store might be more to your liking. They're easy to swap and easy to mix-and-match should you buy more than one color, but at $60 a pair, this might be a bit much for most users. You pay for easy, and MODE bands are very easy.

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Blesihu Milanese Loop Watch Band

Beautiful and fitting.

Milanese Loop watch bands offer a great fit for almost any wrist size, and their shiny metal mesh is eye-catchingly beautiful. The magnetic clasp is strong enough that it won't come undone while jogging, exercising, or swimming, but come off quickly and easily when you need to take it off to charge. The matte finish on the clasp and end of the band also matches well with the silver LG Watch Style's finish. If you have a particularly hairy wrist, be warned that the metal weave here shouldn't pinch and pull hairs, but it is a possibility.

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Pretty and shiny

Remember those stretchy metal bands that your grandmother had on her watch? Those are called Twist-O-Flex bands, and they have waned in popularity over the last few decades, but they're due for a comeback. Once they're fitted by your jeweler — and yes, you're going to want it sized by a jeweler unless you really know what you're doing — they fit well and they come on and off easier than anything else, and with bands as flashy as this, they can be fashionable as well as functional. This shiny band gains a lot of attention, and its reviews frequently praise the amount of looks it brings to the wearer and the watch attached to it.

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Quick Release Silicone Soft Rubber Strap

Silicone for grip

Silicone straps are easy to clean, easy to swap, and easy to collect in several colors. These textured bands are available in five colors, with a grippy tread-like texture that keeps your Style securely in place, even while you're fist-banging along at a concert or running under a hot Texan sun.

While the white and black may be easier to match to your wardrobe, I recommend the bright sea blue for a pop of color or the flamboyant orange if you're feeling exceptionally bold. Heck, at these prices you could pick up every color for the same price as one of the leather bands.

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Nato straps are simple and have an added bonus on the Style

The LG Watch Style's back is blandly barren, lacking the heart-rate sensor that most Android Wear devices sport. It does, however, have two microphones back there, but since they're pointing directly into your wrist, it can be kinda hard for them to pick up what you're saying. This is why NATO bands might actually be the way to go both for ease of customization and better mic performance. There are a lot of NATO bands out there, but Barton's got a huge selection, reasonable prices, and great color choices, from patriotic to modern to Seattle Sounders colors for Andrew.

You will have to loose the band enough to slip the charging base under the back of the watch, but the bands are easily adjustable, and you might want to take the band off every night anyway to you can pick the one that best matches tomorrow's ensemble. Or to wash it, as nylon bands can pick up a bit of sweat.

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