NBA NOW 22 launches on Android today

Nba Now 22 Screenshot
Nba Now 22 Screenshot (Image credit: COM2US)

What you need to know

  • Developer Com2uS has announced NBA NOW 22, an officially licensed mobile game.
  • Players can create a dream team from 6,000 current and retired pros, and enjoy a range of game modes.
  • The game is out now for all mobile devices.

South Korean mobile developer Com2uS has announced that NBA NOW 22, a new game developed in partnership with the NBA, is available to download. The game promises a new way to follow the basketball season, with multiple modes for players to enjoy.

Perhaps the biggest of these is the ability to build a team from both current and retired NBA players, competing in real courts against others from around the world. Any current players that you choose can change throughout gameplay, as their live card stats evolve to reflect their performance on the court, giving you a new way to engage with the NBA season.

This is not the only way the season affects your game either. In prediction mode, players can guess the outcome of real NBA matchups, giving you rewards for a correct guess and helping you grow your roster of players. Real games can also be recreated, with the interaction between NBA NOW 22 and the live season a significant part of the experience.

Com2uS is also promising accessible but enjoyable gameplay, with intuitive one-hand touch controls allowing you to precisely guide the ball. Ranked PVP and arcade modes will be available, as well as the ability to play with friends anywhere in the world. Rewards will also be a key part of the game. In addition to rewards gained through prediction mode, others will come through completing missions and other aspects of gameplay. Immediately upon downloading NBA NOW 22, players can expect to receive a gold card in the form of Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76'ers, awarded to celebrate release of the game.

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With a slew of modes, precise controls and new ways to engage with the NBA season, NBA NOW 22 promises a packed mobile game for fans of the sport.

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