Protecting your MyTouch 3G

Odds are you have grown rather attached to your MyTouch 3G, don't worry addiction is perfectly acceptable, but why risk potential harm for your device when it can all be avoided with the addition of a case. Now sure, not everyone is interested in the same type of case, but with all the varieties there is bound to be something of interest to you.

MyTouch 3G Hard Cases

MyTouch 3G Hard Case

Hard cases are great for a variety of users, whether you wish to add a whole new style to your device or you just simply want some additional protection for it. The only downside to hard cases are that there is quite a selection to chose from, so why not just indulge in two so you can have some variety?

MyTouch 3G Leather Cases

MyTouch 3G Leather Case

Leather cases not only offer 360 degree protection for your device, but also offer a great sense of style while in use. Whether in the corporate market or someone who just likes to have quick and easy access to their device at all times, adding a leather case to your accessory closet will be a decision you won't regret.

MyTouch 3G Holsters

MyTouch 3G Holsters

Holsters are an easy accessory to forget when looking over the selection since they are so basic, but if you are someone who needs quick access to their device at all times this is for you. The protection is minimal, but since most hold the device screen in you won't have to worry about the screen scratching or potentially cracking.

MyTouch 3G Weather Resistant Cases

MyTouch 3G Weather Cases

Weather resistant cases are perfect for those on the go people who face many different elements and can't risk any of them negatively affecting their device. Whether you are someone who likes to go to the beach, kayak a river, or brave a snow filled mountain you will want to ensure your device is properly protected.

MyTouch 3G Golla Bags

MyTouch 3G Golla Bag

Golla bags are a great way for you to show off how much the device really is your own. These slim pouches offer comforting protection to the device, along with allowing owners to show off their own sense of style with the wide variety of print available on these bags.