Myth: A Frozen Tale is a brand new short film made for the Oculus Quest

Myth A Frozen Tale Oculus Quest
Myth A Frozen Tale Oculus Quest (Image credit: Disney)

What you need to know

  • Myth: A Frozen Tale is a new 8 minute and 10 second short that takes place during Frozen 2.
  • This original story was designed specifically for the Oculus Quest and immerses viewers into the world of Frozen like never before.
  • The short film is available on the Oculus store for $2.99.

If you're getting a little tired of hearing Into the Unknown, but aren't quite ready to venture out of the woods, Disney and Oculus have exactly what you've been looking for. Myth: A Frozen Tale is a brand new story for the Oculus Quest that takes place in the mythos and timeline of Frozen 2, and it's available right now on the Oculus Store for $2.99. This 8 minute and 10 second short film immerses viewers into the Frozen universe in a way that simply hasn't existed up until now, bringing the elemental spirits found in Frozen 2 to life right in front of your eyes.

Myth: A Frozen Tale is a partnership between Oculus and Walt Disney Animation Studios that was announced last Fall and only shown to a handful of lucky folks at a Los Angeles press event. Thankfully, for the folks at home, Disney has finally released the short film in its entirety and is available for anyone who can get their hands on an Oculus Quest. Myth: A Frozen Tale marks the first VR short film to be based on a major Disney feature film, and likely could be the beginning of a new medium of interactive storytelling.

Frozen 2 is streaming for free on Disney+

While $2.99 is might seem a tad steep for an 8-minute short film, remember that the virtual reality experience means you're not just sitting and watching the same thing happen on a flat screen with every playthrough. As is the case with any VR experience, this tale happens all around you and puts you in a seat that simply doesn't exist with any other viewing medium.

That means you can look around and find all the little details that might get lost when just paying attention to the main storyline. Don't be surprised if subsequent watch throughs result in more of a game of hide-and-seek to find every little Easter egg the team of artists has stashed in the world along the way. Check out the short trailer below and head to the Oculus Store to watch it in full!

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