Mysterious 'Star Wars: Project Maverick' game pops up on PlayStation Network

Star Wars Project Maverick
Star Wars Project Maverick (Image credit: PlayStation)

What you need to know

  • A mysterious new Star Wars game has shown up on the European PlayStation Network.
  • It appears to be called 'Project Maverick' with artwork of s Star Destroyer.
  • This could be related to a smaller Star Wars project that EA Motive is working on.

The PlayStation Network may have just leaked a new Star Wars game. Twitter bot PSN Releases posted a picture of something called Star Wars: Project Maverick, with a Star Destroyer in the background, and stated that the image had been found on the European PlayStation Network. It cannot be found on any official listings, but a ResetEra forum has found evidence of its hidden code on the PlayStation database, which similarly outed projects like the Resident Evil 3 remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake demo.

Back in February, Kotaku reported that EA had cancelled an open-world Star Wars game that was set to be a spin-off from the Battlefront series. In that report, Kotaku's Jason Schreier noted that a "smaller, more unusual project" based in the Star Wars universe was in the works at EA Motive. It appears that whatever Project Maverick is is that aforementioned project, according to Schreier on Twitter.

It's unclear what sort of Star Wars game this will be — if it's a PSVR game or not — or what time period it will be set in, though the presence of a Star Destroyer and X-Wings indicates some time after Order 66 during the original trilogy.

Lucasfilm and Disney recently unveiled Project Luminous, which is a set of books marking new canon going forward set during the High Republic Era, around 200 years before the film series takes place. Though Project Luminous only seems to be books and comics right now, there are indications that it will branch out into other media like games and movies sometime in the future, as reported by Making Star Wars, the website responsible for numerous credible leaks that panned out in the past.

Whatever the case, we look to be getting a new Star Wars game soon. Respawn is also reportedly hard at work on a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order thanks to it beating EA's sales expectations and aiming to sell around 10 million copies by the end of March.

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