Multi-language support in Google Now delayed until summer

Google is now delaying support for seamlessly switching between languages on the fly with its Google Now search. Originally planned for a roll-out within the next few days, the feature is now delayed for a launch later this summer due to the discovery of some last minute bugs.

"Multi-language support is complicated stuff and they found some bugs during their final testing phase that they wanted to fix before making the feature generally available," a Google spokesperson told CNET, and the publication is saying that the feature "is now expected to ship later this summer."

Multi-language support would allow multi-lingual users to select up to seven different languages so that they can seamlessly conduct a search in one language, look up information in another language, and launch an app in a whole new language for example. This would all be enabled without requiring users to alter the app's settings when switching from one language to the next.

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Source: CNET

Chuong H Nguyen