It was three years ago that Huawei and its partner Leica Camera promised a "renaissance in mobile photography" … an announcement I remember taking aboard with no small amount of skepticism. At the time, Huawei just didn't have the track record of delivering the kind of camera performance necessary to justify such a bombastic claim. So I sort of rolled my eyes and moved on.

It wasn't until last year that Huawei finally gave me a solid pair of reasons to reconsider that position. The Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro packed cameras so good that the phones stayed in my pocket long after my initial reviews were complete, their excellent night mode and wide-angle capabilities ultimately snapping some of my most popular Instagram photos of 2018.

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So when Huawei invited me to Paris to attend the launch of the P20 Pro's sequel, I said yes faster than you can say "up periscope." That's a joke that'll make a lot more sense once you take in my hands-on video – but with up to 50X zoom, totally redesigned color filter and new ultra-wide angle lens, it suffices to say the Huawei P30 Pro is all about the cameras. Click on through and join me for MrMobile's Huawei P30 Pro Hands-On above, and stay tuned for the full review!