MrMobile Review: The Galaxy S9 is a clever camera in a classic casing

It's never easy to quantify the latest flagship smartphone from a company like Samsung … because no matter how disappointing or dazzling it turns out to be, the latest Galaxy will always sell like gangbusters. Part of that is thanks to Samsung's incredible marketing machine, but for the past few years it's also been a result of the company churning out some truly impressive smartphones. Smartphones that, in the words of Andrew Martonik over in the full review, "just do everything."

With the Galaxy S9 (and the model I reviewed, the S9+), Samsung has only added to that everything. Not making the cut for this video: thicker glass front and back, enhanced blood scanning via the heart-rate sensor, slightly reduced bezels top and bottom, and a host of other minor details. Filling their time: a lingering look at the Galaxy S9 camera with its variable physical aperture, and a trip through the warp zone to see how 960fps video can illuminate those blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments.

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