MrMobile on the LG Watch W7: "W8" for the next one

When I first saw the LG Watch W7 smartwatch at the company's Fall launch event in NYC, I was almost more captivated by the watch than by the LG V40 headliner. A Wear OS smartwatch with a hole cut in the display to accommodate two analog hands, with battery life stretching to 100 days? Sign me up, I thought.

The trouble with ideas that are cool on paper, though, is that they don't always translate to the wrist. LG had to make a lot of sacrifices to accommodate the W7's analog gearbox: there's no GPS, no NFC, no heart-rate monitor ... and because the merging of gadget and gearbox required a three-year development cycle, the W7 runs on the older Snapdragon 2100 platform. Combine those compromises with a high price tag (even after discount) and, well, you might be better off "W8" ing for the next one. Hit the full review above to learn more!

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