With the two newest Droids officially hitting the market as this post goes to press, it's been a big month for the company formerly known as Motorola. So let's take a break from Moto Z mania for a quick look back at one of the company's most interesting efforts: the original "Banana-phone."

The Motorola RIZR Z8 was announced in February 2007, and it bore the design language of a company that still had plenty of swagger. The RAZR, PEBL, and SLVR families were selling like gangbusters in the States, but the RIZR Z8 set itself apart with its characteristic kick-slide hinge that let it cradle your cheek when you were talking on the phone ... and lay flat when you weren't. That combined with the 2MP camera, Symbian UIQ interface and bold black-and-green paint job made for a distinctive package that I coveted from afar – but never managed to get my hands on.

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That is, until today. Join me for a look at a mint-condition Bourne Identity edition of the Motorola RIZR Z8! We'll celebrate its no-holds-barred industrial design, lament the loss of devices like it in today's landscape, and even catch a second or two of Jason Bourne moping on a fishing boat ... before checking in with Erica Griffin for her thoughts on carrying a dumbphone in 2016!

It may not be an Android phone, but the RIZR Z8 is a Motorola from a period we all remember and many of us cherish ... and I think you're gonna like this retro review. Enjoy!

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Erica Griffin