Motorola releases status update on Android 2.1 for CLIQ/CLIQ XT

It’s been officially stated that the Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT will definitely be receiving an Android 2.1 update, but now the question is: When?  Well, folks, just hold your horses.  Motorola jumped on Twitter this morning and released a statement:

For those asking for an update regarding a software upgrade on CLIQ in the U.S., we've made a decision to take more time on the release to optimize the experience in some key areas. We will continue to work to deliver it as soon as possible and apologize that we have been unable to provide an upgrade to these users in Q2 as planned.We are working hard to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 as soon as we can. Our consumers’ experience is our first priority and we will provide an upgrade when we can deliver the best possible user experience.

Basically, that’s Motorola saying that the update just isn’t ready yet, and they can’t tell you when it will be. Luckily, last week they opened mailing lists that will inform you when 2.1 has walked through the door. Until then, all we can do is be patient. [Motorola via Twitter]  

Adam Sawyer