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Motorola Mobility CEO says Droid Bionic coming in September

Update: Here's the audio of what Sanjay Jha had to say about the Bionic. You can listen to the whole call here (opens in new tab).

"... and it will be in stores in September."

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanja Jha just announced during the company's earnings call that the Droid Bionic will be released on Verizon in September. Starting with a quick recap of the specs -- really nothing we didn't already know with dual-score, 4G date, etc., etc. -- Jha dropped the bomb that the phone that was first announced at CES in January will be in stores as soon as a month from now.

That also lines up with Sam's Club (and Costco as well) not expecting the phone until September, news we broke a week ago.

Still unknown: A precise launch date, pricing and whether the revamped Droid Bionic will live up to all the hype that's been drummed up the past six months.

  • Well then, that squashes any ideas of it coming out August then now doesn't it? Hopefully early the 1st lol.
    Will he say what day? lol
  • If the GSII and the i*hone 5 releases in september, Moto is going to take a loss.
  • Nah... iPhone 5 will probably suck... plus they might make it a 4S with minor updates... The GS2 will be the real thing beating the Bionic.
  • For us tech ppl...the iphone 5 probably will suck, but for the average user...i highly doubt they will think the same. But yeah, i cant wait for the Attain to be released. No offense for ppl waiting for the Bionic.
  • Indeed they will, to bad they lost a hardware game, that is the price though, they could have killed it.....
  • Well that pretty much confirms it, Galaxy SII here I come
  • I might as well just wait for the Prime.
  • Same here atleast then this the sgs2 will be out so I can compare them to the prime if it is coming to verizon.
  • Joke. Motorola is a joke. Just like the update to my Xoom in "September", with no firm dates.
  • Motorola has been making mobile phones since the days of Bell Labs AMPS in the late 70's i think they've been in the buisiness for a while
  • What does that mean? They can be in business for a long time and still suck. Look at Chrysler.
  • Lol....burn! (Kelso voice)
  • I don't know I am kind of sour about this phone now. The excitement has kind of swayed to the Fascinate II. Can't wait to try a Samsung phone with that sleek, lightweight design and that super AMOLED screen. But I hope it has 4g cause I will be getting the Bionic if not.
  • yeah, when you delay somthing for so long, people tend to say "meh" when it foinally comes out. howeevr, the gaming community is the same. the whole "where's episode 3" is kind of a meme now.
  • We all know what they mean when they give a Whole MONTH... it means the END of the month.... lol
  • I would like to know what the hardware specs really are. The link in this article points to the specs before the re-do, so they're useless. I think about the only thing right on there is the camera and 4G. At least, I'm *hoping* that's the case, which is why I would really like to know what they said.
  • - Dual-Core CPU : TI OMAP , but we some rumors says OMAP 44 30 & others says OMAP 44 60 - DDR2 1 GHz RAM - Webtop mode , like the Atrix & the Photon These are the improvements over the old BIONIC
    (Tegra 2 , DDR2 512 RAM , NO WeptTop)
  • and probably shipping with 2.3 to be updated to ICS in 2012
  • i'm also waiting for nexus prime... i've lost interest in this phone 3 months ago
  • they are waiting for the next iphone to go head to head
  • GS2 with CM7 here I come! Fuck you Moto! Blur sucks!
  • Just as a reminder, Moto first announced this phone back at CES in January. This is beyond pathetic. LTE seems to be giving them fits. You'd think they would have hired some new engineers by now.
  • It's moto remember it isnt blur slowing the phones down it is bad apps. They are clueless the only reason they are even half relevant is because of the og droid and now they will go back to where they were before the droid brought them back.
  • At first I just wanted another phone to replace my original droid incredible. Now I have the incredible 2 and i didn't have to use up my upgrade to get it. I can wait until september but like everyone says...'if the galaxy s ii is 4G then bye bye bionic'
  • Do you want to get rid of the droid incredible? pm me please if you do. Thanks!
  • I'll get rid of it whenever the Bionic, GS II (With 4G), or Nexus (if on Verizon with 4G) comes out...
  • Yeah, well I was looking for a replacement phone for my OG Droid, so I can wait for those phones also. Oh well looks like I will just have to deal with my sllllowwww OG for while longer.
  • may i ask why exactly the galaxy SII instead of the droid bionic? does a 1.2 GHZ processor compared to a 1 GHZ make that much of a difference in real world performance? it might slightly but still its been nearly confirmed that this phone will not have the dreaded tegra 2 chipset which uses non standard code instructions. and if you ask me i am on a Motorola ATRIX and i don't mind the pentile display. it does not really bother me because im near-sided and you have to usually put the phone nearly right up against your eyes to notice the checkerboard pattern. we have also been reminded that this phone has a good chance of having webtop which can be extremely useful if you root your phone and put ubuntu on it. but in the end its what matters to you. but dont go out thinking that the GSII is the GOD phone when compared to the bionic
  • The processor outperforms all devices on the market, the Exynos processor has no equal. The benchmark scores and support for this device is exceptional. The Bionic is being sent to an early grave by them delaying it till September to go toe to toe with the iPhone 5.
  • And there goes moto's chances. Sad to say the phone wont be relevant by that time. Glad I decided to wait for the prime.
  • Really?! Crackheads @ moto! I would have preordered it if it was sooner. Now I'll have the option to compare side by side to GSII? Moto might lose...
  • No might to it, they will lose!
  • One month too late
  • MBD228, Go fuck yourself
  • This phone had great potential, but as is the norm - Moto really screwed the pooch. (and not just once, over and over again)
  • Still would like specs on Bionic, GS2, and Prime. We have no confirmed specs on any of them, nor dates on GS2 or Prime. Guess I will wait and see. Least Sept gives me more time to hear about the competitors.
  • SG2 is coming out in August, don't know the date but diffidently in August...
  • with ZERO guarantee it even has LTE. In fact given how adamant Moto is that the Bionic will be the first dual core LTE phone, either GSII isn't coming till later or it definitely isn't 4G. As for the Nexus Prime, there's also no guarantee it'll ever make it to VZ.
  • Very true, which is why I just want the specs on all three so I can make a good decision. SGS2 may not have LTE which would make that out of the running. Same for the Prime if it doesn't get VZW LTE. Then it would just be a long wait for the Bionic. (Note: my upgrade was last December)
  • My money is on no 4g on SG2. The reason I said that is because I read somewhere where it said the SG2 will come to the U.S in August. The article didn't say anything about 4g on it, or else he would have said it did. I am waiting on the Bionic my self I can't wait for it.
  • Well the SG2 just past FCC with sprint WIMAX and when you look at the specs and bands it says something about PCS/EVDO and CDMA. So if Sprint can have the 4g WIMAX radio then why could Verizon do the samething for the "Fascinate II"?
    Also Moto was suppose to be the first dual core 4g phone, before they delayed it. So it wouldn't surprise me that Samsung steals their thunder by dropping a bomb phone like the "Fascinate II".
  • What a disappointment! Is this phone even relevant anymore?
  • Nexus Prime it is then (if it really is coming to Verizon, as Phil has supposedly confirmed it will). Galaxy S2 is simply not an option until I see Samsung actually supporting devices instead of just talking about it.
  • Wait I thought the Prime is a Samsung phone? So you don't want the GS2 but you want the Prime cause you think it will have more dev support? HUH?
  • If the prime is samsung (I hope its not), it will certainly have more support. Pure Vanilla Android, which means Push updates when google sends it out.....not having to wait for Samsung to load their overlay
    on it and testing it for another year before releasing an update. Good luck getting that with the Galaxy line of phones. Ask any current galaxy owner out there right now. How long did it take to get 2.3?
  • Glad I got a droid 3
  • I know that most, if not all of you are not going to care what I say but I'm going to put in my two cents. First of all, it's just a phone/pocket computer. Secondly we all have been patiently waiting for this phone to arrive. What's another month! Also no one here really knows for sure why Motorola decided to change the Bionic from the original design and no one really knows why it's taken this long to finally see a month that it's coming out. There are probably many reasons why this phone is coming in Sept.rather then Aug. Could be a software thing, a hardware problem, maybe a supply or production issue etc... I really don't think that people would like it if Motorola and Verizon release a phone that may have potential problems and have everyone on here bitching about how this phone sucks and has issues. I know that I want it to be the best and most reliable device on the market(not saying it's going to be perfect)but I think we all do hope it's glitch free. With the hype, wait, and leaks I'm sure this phone will be a huge success. Ok maybe more then two cents!
  • I am with you in hoping it lives up to the hype, however, what smartphone of this "supposed" caliber has ever come out without any glitches or issues? New technology is always going to need small fixes along the way and Verizon needs to accept that technology is changing too fast anymore to test phones for 6+ months and still consider them relevant to the market.
  • Close to done with the Bionic. I originally had a droid charge and liked it but returned it to extend my return policy for 30 days wishing to get the Bionic. In exchange I picked up a thunderbolt and have been quite surprised. I like it because when using wireless tether other devices see it as an access point and everything from my ps3 to xbox see it no problem, which was not the case with the droid charge. My intention was to get the bionic after another exchange but this wait has gotten ridiculous. Truthfully even with all the thunderbolt haters, I have not had many problems with it since day one. Rooting was not too hard, and it has less lag than my old HTC Incredible which I was hating due to lag. Yes battery is not great but neither was my Incredible, and no smart phone seems to be leaps and bound better anyways. So Im really close to just keeping the Thunderbolt. Motorola is truly run by fools if they have waited by any means to compete against the new iphone or Galaxy SII. First to market with a good product is often the winner or has great advantage in the tech industry, so if they had any chance at all to compete it would have been by getting a good head start.
  • Think ill have to play advocate here. Been a DX 1 user now for 10 months and I've been happy with it. Its no doubt that moto phones don't win beauty contests compared to the other brands But that's just it, this isn't just a beauty contest. Who really cares about sleek? And if you ask me, the bionic is going to be a beast. I will continue my loyalty to moto. They make solid, well built DROID phones despite a sub par ui in moto blur. That too, can be fixed.
  • I remember all the talk about the mighty Galaxy S a while back? I believe every single US version of that has been forgotten? Some a month or 2 after it's realease? Only Sammy Iv'e seen to hold up to it's expectations has been the Nexus one? I could be wrong? I'll keep my Tbolt and maybe try the Bionic, 2 upgrades wait for me now. Don't matter what I get, I'm sure the forums will be booming on how it was a disappointment like every other phone!
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and by no means am I saying you shouldn't get the phone that makes you happy. But if you samsung lovers can't learn from history, then you deserve to be disappointed when the next galaxy II phone comes out.
    All you guys bashing on Moto now, will be whining like crazy in a couple months when your new Galaxy II phone has a non-functioning GPS, poor battery life, cheap plastic casing, and a phone riddled with glitches. Not to mention, it won't receive OS updates for at least a year after Moto and HTC releases theirs. Enjoy your "sleek design." It's like a hot blonde girl - all looks, no brains.
  • This is bullshit months of waiting, yet another delay, and we still dont have any solid specs on this phone, not even a confirmed scrren size. This is just a financial strategic game VZW is playing to keep selling their LG, Samsung, and TB inventory. i can see a legimtimate delay due to many possible reasons but why not reveal the bloody specs. No more waiting for the Bionic.....