The Motorola Flipout is one square phone

Keeping with its trend of weird and awkward form factors, Motorola is pumping out the Motorola Flipout. The Flipout is a completely square Android device that twists open to reveal a surprisingly decent looking physical keyboard. The form factor is such a departure from typical smartphone design that we don't know if we just hate it or hate ourselves for maybe loving it.

Fitting in with previous rumors, the Flipout will run Android 2.1 with Motoblur. The other rumored specs: 700MHz processor, 2.8-inch display, and a 3.1 megapixel camera pit the Flipout as a decidedly mid-level device. The Flipout is expected to hit the US in June and given the overall wackiness of the phone, AT&T has to be the carrier right? One more picture after the jump. [ via Crunch Gear]

Casey Chan
  • I think I've gone blind.
  • HA!!
  • I almost thought I was looking at a Nokia twist.... that thing is worse than the 9670 :/
  • I disagree. Nothing can be worse than the 9670... But it comes close. Gimmicky. Reminds me of the t-mo sidekick. Too much for kids.
  • I almost thought I was looking at a Nokia twist.... that thing is worse than the 9670 :/
  • Thats the stupidest phone I have ever seen ??? What the hell ?? 1st the stupid lip and horrible keyboard of the Droid , now this ???
  • This settles it. Someone at Moto is putting GHB in the engineering dept's water cooler.
  • That is one ugly phone.
  • I'll be waiting for the release of the Motorola Flipout XT, I love the form factor but I'd love it even more without a physical keyboard.
  • I shouldn't like this...but...I do.
  • Seeing that it's coming out in those three colors, I would say T-Mobile is the carrier. T-Mobile is notorious for fruity colored phones.
  • How does it open? Is the screen right above the keyboard? On a side note, thank god motoblur wasn't out when the Droid came out! Whatever groove moto got back with the Droid they're losing it. Also the Nexus 2 might never come with recent nexus 1 news.
  • Very neat
  • I actually liked the Nokia Twist design. Maybe it appealed to me since the flip phones, sliders and sidekicks has been done, I wanted to see something new as far as design for feature phones (the Twist, not this Flipout). Over all, at least it seems more functional than the Backflip. This looks like something you can use with one hand than the Backflip.
  • Seems like it's aimed at tweens or teens.