Motorola Flipout may be delayed -- or dead -- on AT&T

It's not often that a smartphone gets all the way into testers' hands and in-store marketing materials are printed up, only to see the device killed off before ever making a sale. But that may be what happened in the case of the Motorola Flipout on AT&T. Engadget got a tip on Saturday that it would hit stores a day later. But here we are a couple days later, and there's no Flipout to be flipped. 

We know it was in the midst of hands-on testing. But is it dead? Is it resting? Is it pining for the fjords? Was it all just a bad rumor? We'll poke at this one for a little while to see if it starts moving again, but only just a little while. [Engadget]

Phil Nickinson
  • Wow! Now THIS is interesting. I've seen many cancelled projects, but coming this close to sales? This is pretty new to me.
  • AT&T is a well known carrier which is unwanted by Motorola. Therefore, Motorola Droid products are iPhone killers.
  • Norwegian blues stun easily
  • Im not surprised nor am I sad. This phone is a low end phone done wrong. I simply think this phone wouldn't do android any justice
  • Thank goodness that phone is just awful looking.
  • In the immortal lyrics of Adam sandler "Piece of shit phone"
  • Good I hope AT&T cancels this phone, what the hell is wrong with Motorola lately. Rogers currently carry this phone and it doesn't seem very popular, it's more expensive than the better looking Telus Charm ($374 Flipout vs $249 Charm).
  • It does look suspiciously like a Kin...
  • It could just be epically delayed, or another example of Motorola doing a shitty job with its lower tiered android phones (see Motorola Devour). It's actually much nicer of Moto to abandon the phone before a bunch of poor saps buy it and then are forced to live with an un-updated P.O.S. for 18 months (Read: I'm really glad Verizon switched me to a DInc after my 3rd Devour shit the bed).