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Motorola Droid 2 camera test

The Motorola Droid 2 camera is a 5-megapixel monster. OK, maybe not a monster. It's not the whopping 8MP we're seeing on other phones. But we're OK with that, as it shoots from the hip pretty well, features Motorola's camera software (which we like) and records video in 480p resolution. Let's see some more examples after the break. (Warning: All example photos open in a new window in  full resolution.)

By default, the Droid 2's camera takes pictures in "widescreen" format. You're shooting at a little less than 4MP resolution, but photos fill your screen when you're looking at them in the gallery. It's a decent trade-off.

And finally, there's video. By default, the Droid 2 shoots at 480p -- not the full 720p you get in some other current smartphones, which is a tad disappointing, but not a deal-breaker. The microphone does a good job at picking up voice even amid a bunch of background noise.

Be sure to watch this in the full 480p

  • I thought pixels really only matter if you're blowing up the picture, in other words, 5 mp is more than enough for most uses- is this correct?
  • yup. megapix basically mean size.. the quality of the photograph comes from the optics used, image processor, and software. I have a 10 MPix camera which I set to 5, which is plenty in my opinion. anything more and the file size becomes a waste of space. the only times I use the actual amount of megpix my camera offers is when i know im going to crop a bunch of things out and then blow up the remaining image to a normal size, with out it looking pixelated.
  • I found the Playboy bunny in the fountain photo!!
  • Haha, I see it too along the treeline! PHIL, if I lived close to a fountain like that here in Lakeland I would be swimming it! This heat is AWFUL! Nice pics and video! (and candid shot of Phil)
  • Please clean the camera lens. In several of those photos it looks like there're some smudges or a little grime on it.
  • Wow, so demanding...
  • I found it too!
  • Every picture seems to have a white haze to it. Almost like the lens is covered in oil from your finger maybe? They look kind of washed out.
  • That last picture has alot of grain in the blue sky which I can't believe since its looks bright outside. Is the camera defaulting on ISO800 or something?
  • Video quality wasn't very impressive. The sound quality was alright with a few occasional hiccups but the video quality was pretty bad. It's not even close to the galaxy s line. Although the sound was better than the Evo's
  • To everyone claiming Phil touched the lens and its dirty, sorry to say it but no. If it was the case you would see HEAVY blurring all over the entirety of the images. The images themselves are fairly sharp, which would indicate a clean lens and steady hands while shooting. However this phones camera is really underwhelming. The sensor seems very poor grade. More grain than alot of other current high-end Smartphones... And no, thats not because it is 5MP vs 8MP
  • altho its 480 res, it looks better than the videos the droidx takes. doesnt have that jellyfish effect, and handles quick motion very well, also no constant white balance changing. im just venting about the quality of video my DX takes.. i expected so much more, im honestly debating on returning it. :-/
  • What jelly fish effect? As for white balance, never noticed anything wrong with it. Colors stay very consistent in video mode for me.
  • Return your X because of video quality? That's like returning a car because the stereo doesn't sound like a movie theater. The quality of the X's camera is fine for the first generation of HD camera smartphones. Buy a video camera if want awesome video, not a phone.