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Motorola Charm is now charming Telus [video]

In early July, we were promised that the Motorola Charm would be released in the U.S.sometime this summer -- exclusively on T-Mobile. We've also seen it listed by Best Buy for $250. Last time we checked the calendar, summer only has a few weeks left here in the states. Where is our Charm T-Mobile? 

Well, it looks like our Canadian neighbors beat us to it. The Motorola Charm is now available today for Telus customers. If you don't mind the old-school Motoblur and want to give the new "Backtrack" rear touchpad a feel, swing by your local Telus store and pick one up today. If you're scooping one up, let us know in the comments. Hit the break to see the hands on video. [MobileSyrup]

  • I wrote to you guys about this 2 weeks ago! Telus has been advertising this phone on posters every where. My wife is totally waiting for this phone to dump her blackberry curve. Hopefully she likes when she gets her hands on it. She can't wait to move to Android.
  • Hope she doesn't judge android by this phone because i imo this phone is gonna be DOA. Alo of people are going to get it, hate it and in turn base their judgement on android around it since they know no better. That makes me sad lol.
  • Why would she not like it because of motoblur? It's running 2.1 so at least it's not like the Backflip with 1.6.
  • Mostly because the blur and im willing to bet the phone itself with that rear mounted pad would be annoying.
  • If someone took Android, and made hardware as robust as say, the Blackberry Bold, I would most certainly buy it.
  • Could this phone be rooted so that Motoblur could be taken off the phone? I HATE MOTOBLUR but if it could be rooted then it may be something I would snatch up...
  • Hands-On video of the Charm on YouTube.
  • seriously?!
    I thought android users were more "techy" then the rest.
    People, you can turn off motoblur under options, and if you think the back trackpad is going to annoying, that can be turned off too, also under options. This phone is probably the fastest android device right now under the 1ghz "super phones" (ie vibrant, evo 4g, etc) Not to mention the ONLY front facing qwerty android phone.
    specs alone make this better than any blackberry, and its got ANDROID 2.1!!!! way better than blackberry os6
  • I think this will be a nice intro phone for people who have been to scared to give up their blackberry.