Motorola Charm is now charming Telus [video]

In early July, we were promised that the Motorola Charm would be released in the U.S.sometime this summer -- exclusively on T-Mobile. We've also seen it listed by Best Buy for $250. Last time we checked the calendar, summer only has a few weeks left here in the states. Where is our Charm T-Mobile? 

Well, it looks like our Canadian neighbors beat us to it. The Motorola Charm is now available today for Telus customers. If you don't mind the old-school Motoblur and want to give the new "Backtrack" rear touchpad a feel, swing by your local Telus store and pick one up today. If you're scooping one up, let us know in the comments. Hit the break to see the hands on video. [MobileSyrup]

Andrew Melnizek