More AC readers prefer a Galaxy Z Fold 3 to a Pixel Fold, but it's closer than you think

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 multitasking
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 multitasking (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • We asked AC readers if they'd rather buy the rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the rumored Google Pixel Fold.
  • The results were much closer than we had expected, with nearly a 50/50 split among respondents.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 narrowly edged out the Google Pixel fold by less than 5% points.

It may only be early July, but we're already looking forward to August and early fall, where we're eagerly anticipating confirmation of two exciting foldable phones whose existence has been circulating the rumor mills for months at this point. Those two phones are, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Google Pixel Fold.

We already know that Google has been working behind the scenes to improve the folding form factor experience on Android, and Samsung has had a few years to work out the kinks in its designs, so if these two phones do materialize this year, it's sure to be a challenge to pick the perfect device.

We asked our readers which of these hypothetical smartphones they'd pick if given the opportunity, and the results honestly surprised us. The majority of respondents chose the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but not by as high a margin as you might suspect. 52.22% of our readers chose the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but a whopping 47.78% said they'd grab a Google Pixel Fold if given the opportunity.

Here's what some of the poll participants had to say regarding their choice. @Batty081700 on Twitter is a strong Samsung supporter.

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Jax Lomba on Facebook spoke up for the minority view here, saying that while they "don't care for folding phones, but if I had to choose, GOOGLE all the way for me."

And reader jgandroid proposed an interesting compromise while commenting on our original article when they asked, "why can't Samsung and Google come together? Samsung makes the best hardware, and Google has the software down. I believe they could honestly compete with Apple with that combo. They are doing it with Wear OS, so I hope some of that bleeds over into a phone partnership. Bring back the Galaxy Nexus!!!"

Talk about an ideal relationship. We're all for it, jgandroid!

What about you? If you didn't participate in the original poll, now's your chance to tell us which company you'd buy an Android foldable from.

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  • Most AC readers hate Google and are in the Samsung fan club Anyway lol.
  • I've been an iPhone user for a while now, but the Nexus lineup was amazing. I wouldn't mind seeing that return. I'm not a big fan of Samsung and Google devices have always been great to me (even if I was a "beta tester") so I would personally lean towards Google
  • Same here, currently use an S20 FE and prefer Google's Pixel devices and the excellent software experience that's bloatware free and clean and definitel miss everything about my Pixel 2 XL, especially the software and the updates. A Pixel foldable would be great and Google's own hardware and software would make it the most complete Android experience and be on par with the iPhone without the limitations of iOS and the freedom and flexibility of Android.
  • I've used Samsung in the past. All of the extra stuff they make you sign up for just to basically use the device is a no go. Google foldable all the way.
  • None of the two, I prefer a conventional device.
  • I have nothing but good things to say about the Fold 2. It is definitely a mature device when compared to the original Ford. It also pairs well with my Movado Connect 2.0 watch. I haven't experienced any durability issues and that is probably because I have it in one of those check book looking cases. The Araree case besides having a stand also makes it very easy to hold when using the inner screen and is very durable. The smartphone industry offers many designs and price points for people to choose the device that best suits their needs, and that's a good thing.
  • "to compete with Apple" LMAO. No matter what it is, these clowns give Apple way to much credit. They are obviously competing with them.