MOGA announces new 'Power Series' mobile gaming controllers

No more battery life worries, next generation of controllers will charge your device as you play

MOGA has just announced that it will be unveiling the second generation of its popular mobile gaming controllers, dubbed the "Power Series", at the E3 gaming show next week. Building on the success of the original MOGA Pro controller, these second generation controllers have improved ergonomics and Bluetooth radios, but are still compatible with a wide range of devices from Android 2.3 and up as well as Windows Phone 8. MOGA's "S.M.R.T. Lock" arm ensures that your device will connect safely and securely to the controller as well, even during intense gameplay.

The smaller, more portable of the two second-gen controllers features a completely redone design with clickable joysticks, new D-pad and shoulder buttons. On top of the enhancements in the physical controls, what sets these apart from their predecessor (and competitors) is the new "MOGA Boost" feature, which will charge your device as you play with the controller. This is a big deal to take away some of the battery worry associated with high-end mobile gaming, and we'll be interested to see how much battery life users can expect.

On top of our continuing Talk Mobile coverage of mobile gaming this week, we'll surely be seeing more about MOGA and other new mobile gaming-related products from E3 next week.


MOGA™, The Industry Leading Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming System, To Introduce Its Latest Game-Changing Controller Series At E3

The New MOGA Power Series Featuring MOGA BoostTM Technology Ushers In Huge Innovations For The Mobile Gamer

Woodinville, WA. - June 7, 2013 - MOGA™ will again set the new standard for mobile game controllers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, June 11-13, 2013. MOGA today announced that its new MOGA Power Series of mobile game controllers will be available this fall.

No more worries about phone battery life. The two next generation MOGA products bring something never before seen in a mobile game controller, MOGA Boost technology. MOGA Boost actually charges the user's mobile device while they play. This allows gamers to play longer without concern for running down their phone's battery.

"With this next generation of MOGA mobile game controllers, MOGA firmly establishes itself as the leader in the industry," said Eric Bensussen, President and Co-Founder of PowerA. "Defining innovation and leadership, the MOGA System is always evolving to complement and align with key trends. With our world-class hardware, an extremely easy to use SDK and top retailer distribution, MOGA continues to attract world-class developers and publishers to our platform. When addressing the real needs of mobile gamers, nothing else comes close to MOGA."

Both controllers include support for multiplayer gaming on the same screen, improved ergonomics, improved Bluetooth radios, seamless support for its growing library of more than 100 MOGA Enhanced and HID compatible games, The MOGA  S.M.R.T. Lock™ arm to secure phones to the controller and more.

Like the recently released MOGA Pro, both Power Series controllers will be cross-platform compatible. MOGA officially supports more installed devices than any other mobile game controller on the market. Not only is MOGA the only mobile game controller system that works with Android devices all the way back to version 2.3, but it will now include support for Windows Phone 8. The MOGA SDK for Windows Phone 8 is available to over 400 active MOGA developers.

The smaller, more portable of the two Power Series MOGA controllers has been completely redesigned and now features clickable analog thumbsticks, shoulder buttons, a D-pad and an improved form factor.

About MOGA

MOGA mobile game controllers offer precision controls, portability and great games. All MOGA controllers feature dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons and action buttons, and connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to transform Android phones and tablets into precise mobile gaming systems. The original MOGA Pocket features a slim and sleek set of controls making it the most portable and economical MOGA available. The MOGA Pro features rechargeable batteries and console-style design that is based on the award-winning FUS1ON Tournament Controller by PowerA. The MOGA system includes Pivot, a free-to-download app that helps users discover the huge library of MOGA Enhanced games that are available. Pivot also syncs MOGA controllers to mobile devices and helps organize the MOGA Enhanced games already installed on a user's phone. MOGA's vast and growing game library consists of more than 100 high-quality games, and more than 400 top developers have received the free MOGA Software Developers Kit (SDK) available at

The MOGA controllers support Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and higher mobile devices. The pocket-sized MOGA ($39.99 MSRP) and the full-sized MOGA Pro ($49.99MSRP) are now available at major retailers and carrier stores. They are also available through Amazon and

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