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Milestone is/isn't getting Android 2.1

This would have been the picture Droid users would eat their hearts out to. Ever since February 8, when Moto kinda said it was coming, Droid users have been patiently waiting for their promised 2.1 update. Then to see that Spain has the Milestone with 2.1 just adds fuel to the fire, as seen on the Motorola website (opens in new tab). Turns out that was a glitch, however, and today it was fixed, which leaves us thinking are they just teasing us now, or is this a sign for Droid/Milestone users of what is in store in our near future? [via Droid-Life and Motorola (opens in new tab)]

  • Hey Erica, thanks for the link. But we recently moved and the URL changed. :P
  • Fixed! :)
  • ...more evidence that Verizon is the problem here.
  • Oh come on. We Milestone users got the 2.0.1 update Two Months after the Droid 2.0.1 update. And this release fixed a serious bug that left the camera unuabale during half of those two months. I'm sorry, if the Milestone gets 2.1 before the Droid, then maybe america will get to feel the way we did. At least the current Droid OS works well enough... And no, new, Verizon is not the problem, it's definitely Motorola.
  • another sad day to be a proud droid owner and a motorola customer at all
  • OMFG, It's like the freekin BlackBerry storm all over again, they better give us something worth while for this s***, call me impatient I know but stuff like this irritates me.... Granted at least they don't charge for the updates! (LOL!!)
  • i've had my milestone for a week, swapped from my iphone and up to now its ok, but not quite there, i really want them to sort out a few things, the camera crashes the phone by just bein on. the battery life is pretty bad and i keep muting people with my face which is very annoying, if i could change my face i would but im sure moving that mute button would be easier. If moto dont release a new update soon im gonna hack the cack out of this phone wit Android/Sense UI 2.1 and throw it through their headquarters window to show what the phone SHOULD work like. come on moto, be the good guy! i WANT to like this phone, so far its just...OK