Microsoft's 'Your Phone' app now lets anyone make and receive calls from their PC

Microsoft Your Phone
Microsoft Your Phone (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Your Phone calling is now generally available to everyone.
  • The feature allows you to make and receive calls from your PC.
  • The feature underwent months of testing with Insiders ahead of general availability.

Microsoft's Your Phone app is finally ready to add one of its biggest missing features: calling. The app already allows you to relay text messages, sync notifications, and share images between your phone and PC. Starting today, you'll also be able to make and receive calls with a PC that's connected to your Android phone.

Within the Your Phone app on your PC, you'll now be able to dial a number of search contacts to make a call. You should also be able to check out your call history and transfer calls from your PC back to your phone. Combined with the rest of Your Phone's features, you'll essentially never have to pull your phone out of your pocket while working at your PC.

The Your Phone app has undergone quite an evolution in prior months, gradually building out its feature set. The ultimate goal is to make your PC capable of taking care of anything you'd normally do on your phone without distracting you from your PC workflow. It's likely we'll continue to see Microsoft introduce more features for the Your Phone app in the coming months, particularly as Microsoft has been keen to work closely with Samsung on things like screen mirroring.

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