Microsoft's apparently passing on $110 million Cyanogen funding round

Several weeks ago brought the news that Microsoft was considering investing in Cyanogen and their customized Android system CyanogenMod. That OS is installed on a few retail devices, including the OnePlus One and the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+, as well as being freely available to download and install on a wide range of Android devices. But it seems that the Microsoft's opting not to take part in this funding round.

According to Bloomberg:

Microsoft Corp. decided not to invest after negotiations, although it may still be interested in a commercial deal to get its software onto Cyanogen's mobile operating system.

While Microsoft's appears to be not handing over millions of dollars to Cyanogen (they've got their own Windows Phone OS to invest in, after all), that doesn't mean that they're not done playing around in the Android sandbox. Microsoft has struck a deal to have OneDrive, OneNote,a and Skype preinstalled on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, along with a spacious 115GB of OneDrive cloud storage space.

Source: Bloomberg

Derek Kessler

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